1. GD right it does. Lol. Ive a sweater from Bold (no hood) its super comfy whenever I get a chance to wear it (wifey claims its hers).

  2. Right! It makes a difference. I dont ever wear my cannaswag while eating food. Like to try n keep it pristine, hard to come by.

  3. Alot of factors. Some examples...hype marketing. Actual quality. Location! Bc bud costs more $/g to get here. Actual quality. Lol OCS thinking they know what AAA and AAAA is. Definitely lots more I cant type right now cuz I gotta smoke.

  4. not everyone in marketing is good at it lol.. its distillate, flavor is literally the only thing there is about it. i dont buy mystery flavored food either lol

  5. Except at one point, in your life, all food was mystery flavoured. 🤔 :2796:

  6. I went to the dispo, with intent to buy that. I asked about the terp %, BT said 2.9, then suggested GB Diamonds n sauce Critical Innerspace, recent drop. A tab bit pricier, 50 I had to charge up my order a bit for the week..but man oh man...it was fucking worth it! Posting it soon!

  7. GB Diamonds and sauce Critical Innerspace 73 % thc 13 % terps..get blasted or stay home and sleep. Lol

  8. Um... thanks Frient... 73%? This has got to be some kind of concentrate, right? I'll take a look and I appreciate your recommendation, but I really only care for buds and as I only smoke joints.

  9. On that note...mixing things in could have an adulterated effect

  10. It takes will power for one. It takes daily or bi daily use to get rid of that spike of paranoia. It also takes a certain terpene mixture. Myrcene and limonene are her enemies here. Sativas...NO. indica yes

  11. They do a slightly less than horrible(objectionable) job with their weed. Dont know how anyone thinks their concentrate game would be any better.

  12. These guys kill it! Company rep sent me their OGK pie and some Gorilla Dosha. (Its a story how n why). Both are 🔥 in their own respect.

  13. Absolutely. And it's so refreshing to get this type of consistent quality on the market. It breeds better quality cannabis all around. 💯💯. Have you tried Slurricane Mint by Space Craft Flower?

  14. You're right! What they do raises that bar, forcing other to improve..or fail. I havent tried that one. It came around but was at the pricey dispo..had to pass at $50 /3.5g Ill grab it up if it ever comes back and to the cheap dispo in town lol. These guys also have access to some more unique cultivars...300 +, I checked them out thoroughly.

  15. If you decrease your spending for a few weeks. Go with a cheap 24-26 7g milled and say a 16-20 3.5g save the extra put it towards a bigger purchase of something high thc etc. Example. I usually spend 70..few times I only spent 50 on a 14g bag. Done this a few times. Have a lot of excess around. So this week, cuz I have a stockpile, and a couple bucks saved, I grabbed diamonds and sauce from GB. Its fucking lovely. 73.x % 13 % terps! High AS FUCK off the smallest scoop for a couple hours! Worth it. Its an idea.. just sayin.

  16. Cheapest dispo in my town has it for 18 or 20..still a few bucks lower than their site

  17. On an unrelated note, their Animal Rntz at 36% THC and 3% terpenes gives me the sweats, so it’s insanely potent.

  18. That is quite impossible considering thc cap is 30-35 (to make you happier)physically, unless it is infused that number is a straight up lie

  19. Wtf? Source? BOLD RBF at 34% Ive a jar of Black triangle from Cactus..33.15..and it hits! Its biology. Its like saying Arnold shwartz' musculature is fake. Geeat things can be achieved by dedicated hard ass work. Even 37 % thc weed. As much as I dont want to. Props to them for raising the bar!

  20. I saw that. Caps out at 37%...wtf. lol. Spock...i contacted that rep again..her email is no longer existing..... fired? Changed cuz maybe they felt those emails harassing? Ive moved on. Have reps sending me personal smoke..I dont need redecans stickers lol

  21. Definitely, did you see that ground up crap.... as long as the price was right.

  22. That is...so fucking unhealthy for you! On top of the nasty taste.

  23. lol, i think u comment on my every ‘grinder milk’ post hahaha

  24. I very well may have/be. Lol. Most grinders are anodized and ya really dont have to worry to much, but not all gri ders are made equal.

  25. I tried the 9 lb Hammer...shit is 🔥 in a bottle!

  26. Disty with a cheap live resin combo. Their flower is meh..ok but not at the proper price point

  27. So wait..the genetics. Project 4516 is E85 correct? Those are quality genetics if so. Might have to give it a go!

  28. He also had the good sense to dump them when the flower sucked. Houseplant will be back eventually. And, yeah, the shit is expensive, which is fine for people who want that 'celebrity endorsed' stuff. The rolling tray is pretty cool if you want a show piece. The one thing that level of price and, I'll suggest but don't know, quality is doing is a part of helping to change the perception of the cheap ass, red eyed, stoner image.

  29. It will take some sort of a miracle for it to take and settle nicely with anyone that had a go of what was released already. Like loblaws and the bread scandal...doesnt sit well..even years later.

  30. Is there another Melissa Etheridge , besides the American singer , born in Kansas in 1961 ? :)

  31. Well FML! As a kid growing up, I always thought she was Canadian cuz her music is popular up here. As an adult...it never was a topic of convo so i still assumed..lol. thanks for the correction though!

  32. From personal experience with this strain 3x. I'd say it's a slightly indica leaning hybrid. It'll perk ya up for a tad bit, then the mellowness starts to set in. 2 or 3 bowls in..the sedative efdects kick harder.. groggy in the head.. sleepiness.

  33. Not worth the price! If its under 25 bucks..then ok..but not at the 27+ mark. Ill see if I still have pics of my batch. It honestly looks like they fed it PGR. Taste was ...kinda grape like. Buzz was lackluster!! Not as good as other grape offerings in similar price range

  34. Wow....Id be waiting after class outside the door! Holding the biggest textbook I had...waiting to brain that POS. She barely tapped him, and so he dropped her..what a fine MAN he will become.....

  35. Very much doubt that. You have no idea how effective a heavy book is. Let alone the art of surprise. Lmao.

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