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  1. I need to know the end to this?? Did Newsmax realise? Was it cut short because they didn’t like what he was saying? Pretty incredible guy fighting for a great cause.

  2. Can someone explain to me why Marcy didn’t just shoot 001 in that very moment?

  3. Does this mean TrackSide (electronic gaming machines akin to pokies) will or will not be allowed to come into WA?

  4. I'd have taken pics ,rego and reported the shit stain. And If he then threatened me, well my double scoop grey nich on the side of my garage door might have done a Mitch marsh!!

  5. Flip side: He knows where I live and I don't trust the cops or the shire to do jack shit, so the last thing I want to do is escalate the situation.

  6. I know it's hard but you have to remember all the good people. Even in your post you mention how great the majority of people are. There could be all sorts of reasons this particular bloke is a wanker but dont let his wankerness rub off on you or change your outlook on the world.

  7. Thankyou. You are 100% correct. I suppose what pisses me off the most is this; I know when I'm doing something I shouldn't be. And when someone catches me, I own it. The little voice in my head says "you know you shouldn't have been doing that" -- the last thing that occurs to me is going agro / raging out, like this chump did.

  8. When I moved here 40 years ago and heard about the North South divide I was baffled by how ridiculous it all sounded. Now I would never go North.

  9. Can I ask why? Having lived in Rockingham and now Joondalup, I feel I can say that both have their qualities and drawbacks, and I choose to focus on the qualities of both to the point that I would happily live either.

  10. As a paramedic, can confirm this is the goddamn truth :(

  11. Who set you up as the moral police ? You seem to be overly outraged over a non reply. Do you get outraged by sellers who fail to respond to a question as well ?

  12. Oh I'm not outraged. Just trying to get my point across. Do I get miffed about sellers who don't respond? Yes, I do, because they too are not doing the bare basics of what is required to complete the transaction for which the platform was set up to do.

  13. The point that you have gotten across is that you sweat the small stuff and you like to judge people ?

  14. You're getting to know me so well, I feel like we're becoming friends already! Why don't you stop replying? Isn't that your thing? Isn't that what you do?

  15. as someone who grew up in wa moved to the nt then to qld twice and back to wa..yeah my wa friends made fun of me for "my qld accent"i definitely pronounced school like skewel..i had a lot of friends and coworkers from nth qld who i guess their accents rubbed off on me haha🤷‍♀️

  16. Yep, that's the common one I hear from the east coast. That we're 10 years behind the rest of the country. I tell them that's bullshit cos we have electricty now too.

  17. Can someone tell me what that ACTUALLY means though? In technology? In social terms? In real estate? What does "10 years behind" actually mean? Because, I'm pretty bloody happy we don't have Sydney real estate prices...

  18. I remember having to do, I think it was called ELS or ESL or something like that. It was a competency in English. You had to read for 3 minutes from any book, give a 10min presentation on something, and recite something from memory. I did something by Banjo Patterson. This was 2003, I was in year 9.

  19. I did something called PEAC not sure if it was the same thing

  20. Nah PEAC was for students that showed aptitude in one thing or another and wanted to put them through extra classes to foster that gift / ambition. I forget what it stands for.

  21. Remote control smart meters could shut off export to grid at a certain capacity ceiling.

  22. He was also really good in Stargate Universe. Just an all round great actor and seemingly really nice guy!

  23. Facebook post has been deleted now hahaha. Must have copped too much heat.

  24. Steve Irwin approves (I mean, I'm sure he would have!)

  25. Surely this set has been used for other generic villages? Did they mention any?

  26. If you're into Star Trek: Voyager, it was the village of Fair Haven.

  27. Good for you! My first was a series 4 and got a 7 in January. Not a day goes by that I don’t wear it-only goes on the charger for about an hour before bed then back on. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.

  28. I have a S4. Trying to justify the cost of upgrading; what have been the main benefits that you have found?

  29. I don't follow. I know you can mount drives to any path but I'm specifically talking about Windows auto naming drives in ascending letter order, A, B, C etc. What happens if Z is taken and you plug in a flash drive?

  30. I tried this as I had the same question myself. It literally does nothing. Doesn't assign a letter. You can switch them around though in drive manager.

  31. And as we've seen in Aishwarya's case, Triage is........ Perfect?

  32. Surprised he was able to write this with one hand working Morrisons shaft and the other gently cupping his balls

  33. Insure was around before insurance, and that really doesn't tell you what the word means

  34. Off topic but I wonder if the same applies to "enquire" and "inquire"

  35. Unless there are some criminal referrals at the end of the RC, I don't think I will be satisfied.

  36. We should normalise jailing corrupt politicians and high-end business people -- ie holding them to account for their actions.

  37. We are all like family here! Fuck that. No you aren’t, no you never will be. And you will lay-off 50% of your staff in a heartbeat if things go south. So yeah, real family like…..

  38. Someone commented this on Reddit years ago and I wish that I had saved their username so that I could credit them. This became a quote I saved as a picture on my desktop in the hopes my colleagues would see the kind or organisation we're working for:

  39. Oh, just buy a house? Why don’t I just strap on a house helmet, climb into a house cannon, and fire myself into house land, where houses grow on housees!

  40. Competition shooting provides zero benefit to Australian society. We wouldn't even notice if they didn't exist. What do they do? Nothing. What's the point of them.

  41. Spoken like someone who has never set foot into a small town community pistol club. Just stop, you don't know what you're talking about.

  42. I never have and never will. And will forever know that neither of those things reduce any ability to understand the context and harm guns have on society.

  43. ...while conveniently denying the purpose they serve and benefit that they bring, whether you like it or not.

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