1. “Yes hello I’ve accidentally painted a gentleman’s sausage on a storm drain, I need to run away.”

  2. No way the sub was that cheap in 2013, aren't people paying over over 10 grand for them nowadays

  3. You don’t understand, they’re not M A S S P R O D U C T I O N so they have to be $10k to create exclusivity

  4. That’s what the Yashiro Commission wants you to think.

  5. https://twitter.com/nms_otsukimi9/status/1617491923870298112?s=46&t=1yTM_RKJpmQvQNuwRHmJ8g

  6. Unless you are making watches or modding them, it’s an interest at best. Hobbies cannot solely consist of buying shit

  7. Ichiban fighting a piece of construction equipment while a circus ringmaster looks on.

  8. A piece of construction equipment operated by a chimpanzee, at that.

  9. And then after the fight I hire the monkey as a financial advisor.

  10. To work with your oversized Roomba and your Chicken manager?

  11. Good to see Adam is still helping out ol’ scumbag Tom

  12. It's green machine green, get the facts straight.

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  14. Yellow Comet of Shimokitazawa (I forgot if Kezookoo had a nickname in Initial D)

  15. Yeah I gathered that White Comet was Roysuke’s epithet but was unsure if Keisuke had one, that’s all.

  16. Somewhere in Gunma, a tofu shop is missing its guitar

  17. An edible violation of the Geneva Conventions

  18. Aw hell naw Roy smokin the mothafuckin newports

  19. Cheech and Chong began their eastern expansion, I see.

  20. This has potential to go somewhere. One of the kaido racer teams, Team Sexy Cowboys, did a “Crazy Taxi” Tercel hatchback for New Years Touring in Canada last weekend. Interested to see how the rest of this build plays out.

  21. I think a Delta flight from LA to Detroit was my first time trying Biscoff cookies, talk about a game changer. I won’t buy them if I see them in stores but on a flight? Hell yeah, pile ‘em onto my tray.

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