Happy International Men's day guys!

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  1. Upvoted because no one here has a sense of humor. Or any sense at all for that matter.

  2. That would be their ghosts getting the hell out.

  3. Is it possible to roll “out and up” in this scenario?

  4. I’ll just lay and listen to Ron Bushy’s drum solo Inna Gadda Da Vida with Iron Butterfly.

  5. Option traders have at most two years to live. The process of decay begins long before they expire and accelerates rapidly in their final weeks.

  6. Thank you! Sounds like you have a great strategy. I've lots of luck this year selling weekly premium, targeting anywhere from. 30 to .60 % per week on stocks that I'm underwater on, just to collect something while I wait. Selling calls on green days, and selling puts on red days, even with the volatility this year, taking the lower premiums, I'd say 90% of the calls and puts expire worthless or OTM.

  7. Well I don’t know if it’s “great”, but it’s working so far in a tough market so we’ll see! In the long run I’d like to find a strategy that’s less labor intensive, or that someone could take over if something happens to me. Of course, secured and covered short term options can only get so bad, but I’d hate to pass it on now when it’s largely below basis. 😂 Carry on tho!

  8. Yeah, but .5% a week on a 400K account is 104K a year. I would call that amazing!

  9. My thoughts exactly. I’ve been between $45-80K all year with some volatile stocks, but I’m building a more rational base. It will take 6-10 years to build it to $1M but that’s the goal. After that? Conservative risk for 1/2% per week will be more than livable without “killing the goose that lays the golden egg.”

  10. They carry the Souls of those who asked too many damned questions.

  11. They’re waving and saying “Toodles!”~~

  12. This is an awesome informational post! I was introduced to the band about the time the ship was sinking but we were already dead. I have that CD, this CD, and 3-4 others. I’d love to collect the rest and this will help fill the gaps for the early works. One wing just isn’t enough!

  13. Your bank has the transfer order. Call your bank and make sure they are going to execute it asap. Savings accounts may have slower execution times on transfers, but they should be able to help you out. Then call TDA and let them know what’s going on and get any instructions from them.

  14. Yeah, he sounds like a winner. Somebody give him a banana.

  15. The tokens represent a long position, not a short position. Jesus Christ, grow at least one wrinkle.

  16. [Tin Foil Hat on] Imagine Disney owned AMC theaters where they play a Disney movie and inside they have a Disney store in the lobby, kind of what they do over at Disney land or Disney World. Once you finish your ride, you have to go through a store full of collectible, toys and souvenirs about the ride or movie you've experienced... This would be an amazing business model, Disney would not longer need to rent out all that pricey real state at the malls for their stores nationwide, and would be offering their products to a direct demographic plus million of APES. PRICELESS

  17. If I have to endure all that to watch a movie, I’m staying home. I want one popcorn, one scotch, and one beer.

  18. Careful now, my mother is a OG Boomer (‘45) and she’s hardly geriatric and I can still run a mile and a half without any practice. I like to think we improve with age.

  19. No no, the term is "geriatric millennial" for people who are older millennials - usually 1980s ones

  20. furrows eyebrows like my father returns to reading newspaper like my grandfather

  21. It happened to me a few weeks ago after my bank transfer had a hold because the amount. It was such a hassle for some reason so I went to ameritrade.

  22. And this is downvoted why? Looks like something to consider when choosing brokers. I frequently have open trades and contracts. Just getting randomly shut down at the wrong time could cause significant losses.

  23. Those tokens were backed by nothing. It's really easy to lie about this sort of thing. Here, I'll do it right now. ahem I will sell you a McDonald's napkin AMC share. Its backed 1to1 for the price of a real share! I have the shares for you I promise, all you need is that napkin as proof and I'll hold onto some shares for you! Now give me your money!

  24. That’s some classic Eddie Murphy right there.

  25. I recommend "on war" by Carl von Clauswitz. It's the SunTzu of Europe. Also, I've heard rommel's book on tank warfare is quite good, but he got beaten by Patton so idk.

  26. Patton: “Rommel…you magnificent bastard, I READ YOUR BOOK!!!”

  27. So the token is pretty much an IOU on repaying AMC/GME? So if they had 50 AMC 'Tokens', they kind of have 50 outstanding instruments on shorting AMC? And now that they are bancrupt those short positions need to be closed?

  28. This seems backwards. If they have to back the tokens with shares they would need a long position in the corresponding stock. Where does the short position come into play?

  29. Look, baby! It’s real fake crab! Just like that genuine faux Diamond I bought you!

  30. I’m pretty sure the video editor misses the point of the song.

  31. Seriously ... a not even subtle protest song written during "The Troubles" in Ireland in reaction to (and about) children being killed by an IRA bombing.

  32. In all fairness to Bad Wolves, it was a collaboration and Delores O’Riordan was actually in town to record her part of the track when she passed.

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