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  1. Dizem isso porque a vitamina C tem um efeito excitante mas isso é algo que varia muito de pessoa para pessoa. Mas é daí que vem o mito.

  2. Tenho que dar de comer à minha mulher umas quantas laranjas, então...

  3. How did you make the oval? Is it a predefined shape?

  4. Take a screenshot and draw a circle/oval, then hold you finger on the screen until it turns perfect

  5. yeah, I already said that too, I said maybe you just didn't notice the frame drops. certainly you don't seem the most observant

  6. You're looking for a fight, and I'm just not into it.

  7. not at all, I just think it's important to be accurate

  8. I went from a 12 mini to a 14 Pro Max. The standard 12mp images aren’t much better but the 48mp Raw images are amazing. If you have the space for 100MB images try it out.

  9. Indeed. I reckon that people are complaining about the standard photos, but the trick is to shoot at 48MP Proraw and then using a shortcut to convert to HEIF and delete the original. It's not perfect, but the quality is amazing.

  10. Is it better for amateurs the just want to take a ton of photos for memories? Or should I just stick to whatever the default is?

  11. Considering that the converted photos are 4-6MB in size,and it only requires two or three button presses, I think it's worth it.

  12. Oh yeah. I believe there are historical advantages to CCDs which make them feel more organic vs this point in the development of mass market CMOS.

  13. The current CMOS sensors are more than 50% efficient, meaning that one can't expect more than one stop of light gathering. CMOS sensors are very advanced in light gathering indeed.

  14. What software you use for VFX? you should learn 3DS MAX along with Sotftimage, Alias, Mental Ray, Poser and Adobe premiere as they are the VFX industry standard.

  15. Mental Ray is a new engine? That's a new one for me.

  16. isn't there a junji ito story like that where people' head balloons fly around to find the corresponding person to hang them or something, it's crazy shit

  17. I think many are in denial right now.

  18. If AI is going to overtake all the jobs, to where can we go?

  19. I’m going to follow him around with a tomato soup truck. Just the cheap delicious tomato soup and also follow his business model

  20. This is Fishing Planet. I like it so much, so real. Yes, there are IAP, but you don‘t need to purchase them.

  21. You use the Magic Keyboard after the Touch Combo, then? /s

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