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  1. I’ve decided that if people are just going to drop their wallets on my post and not bother making any sort of comment, they clearly haven’t taken the time to read it and therefore don’t warrant my efforts. Too harsh?

  2. I always make time for you homie 🤗🤝

  3. Why... the..... thread...... so........ slow.........?

  4. This one is worth it even without the username. Purple circle that makes Hedgies kill themselves!

  5. Yeah… but isn’t the snake also feeding itself and thus sustaining its own life indefinitely…?

  6. Love it, dusting those paintings must be a challenge though.....

  7. Unfortunately, what has also been proven - beyond a shadow of doubt - is just how long ‘they’ can continue to get away with it. Why? How?

  8. I don't have the answer but I do know I'm going to HODL until I get it.

  9. 3DigitMillionaire would sound great

  10. US phone numbers have 10 digits

  11. Selling a partial it is then!💪👍

  12. South Korea wants to have a chat with this dude.

  13. A man that has been charged with financial fraud dozens of times on just about every continent on the planet that runs a hedge fund and market marker that had to bail out a hedge fund to the tune of billions couldn't possibly be running a fraudulent scheme. No no.

  14. Taxes are theft. The state mandating that theft at the barrel of a gun doesn’t make it moral, in fact it legitimizes the very body of political thieves that enable the Wall Street grift and revolving door to exist.

  15. How would society pay for infrastructural and social expenses if not through tax? Honest question, not trying to shit on your opinion.

  16. Shorter philosophical answer: It doesn’t matter. No perceived lack of a solution justifies theft.

  17. 0xD67072A5Bcc10E72B45F8f8EE619D22250e6Eb3C

  18. Sorry, but this is old news. Currently waiting to see the 2022 pages so we can really see how they made that "record" $16 billion. Any bets on what this year's sold and not yet purchased is at?

  19. I really want to see the Citadel ADVISORS LLC sheet. They are reported to have $440B AUM, would love to find out if they have the same ratio of liabilities.

  20. $10B won't even buy him 500M shares and we all know they are way deeper than that!

  21. remember, the mm is different from the hf

  22. Yes, but this was about the $65B "not yet purchased" and that was the regular Citadel LLC Hedge fund that also gave the $7B back to the customers.

  23. I think you'll see that money decrease as the bear market provided them an out... just depends on how much cash they had on hand to actually, ya know, buy the assets

  24. about $7B less because of that client rebate....

  25. March earnings was the launching pad for that 156% run we had.

  26. Wasn't it a dip straight after and the runup a little later?

  27. DRSing my Friday shares when they settle 💪👍

  28. Soon they will only be getting what trickles down deez nuts

  29. It took me a while to understand that they have the number fuckery in every possible thing. Luckily I had other APEs helping me understand this part so I thought I would pay it forward on this one.

  30. Well, I think I’m finally up to date with sending out NFTs. I don’t think I have any requests pending, and everything that has a name is filed and minted. But I still have about 100 or so unknown pics…

  31. I’m in a real financial bind and angrier than ever that the rules of the market aren’t applied equally to everyone.

  32. Options that finish itm on expiration are automatically exercised by the OCC

  33. Not if you don't have the capital to purchase the underlying. Not all brokers offer the option to offset the purchase cost with the increase in options value (sell-to-cover) and just pay out the value to your account.

  34. The sneeze was due to gamma ramp hedging, not exercising or short covering. They definitley hedge them, just with different risk management that a sane and logical person should.

  35. The only investigation I've seen about his stated that it were regular (retail) purchases that initiated the sneeze.

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