1. Anecdotal, but I loathe the term "sibset". It makes my skin crawl. My kids aren't a set. My sister's and I aren't a set. I'm not the only one, am I?

  2. Me too - I hate this term

  3. I think if you can manage to keep it ankle length/remove the dirty parts it's going to keep the essence and look of the dress as it is. I will say I think midi might diminish the overall feel you have now and probably won't do your vertical as many favours. But also whatever works for your actual life is what's best.

  4. Thank you!! Much appreciated - everything is pointing to keeping in floor length

  5. vwyz says:

    Maybe cut it ankle length first, try it on and if you don’t like it, cut it midi. :)

  6. Yes so far I did a version of this because I cut it Al floor length (removed tiny train and basically the dirty parts) thank you!!

  7. ~Reminder~ Asking for image ID help outside of the dedicated megathread isn't allowed. You can find the megathread by sorting the subreddit's posts by “most popular.” Questions about interpreting test results or "type me" posts disguised as outfit posts will also be removed. If a post is against the rules, please report it and don't answer OP's question. Thank you for doing your part to keep

  8. I already know my ID !! I need help regarding dress length before I take my dress to the tailor!

  9. I love the black dress on the second slide omg

  10. Ir looks amazing!! The blunt edgy fringe is key

  11. I know I'm in the minority but I think she looks absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Me too I know it’s supposed to be “wrong” but to me it looks amazing - it’s not an obvious choice but it works so well

  13. I think I finally understood “blunt”. But if she has vertical I guess she couldn’t be N, rather FN. but it’s not impossible… there are some softer elements about her, maybe it would be useful to see whether the soft elements or the vertical prevails

  14. That’s a good point, I don’t know, I just can’t see the softness, like if you watch clips of her, she’s very dry and muscular looking, she doesn’t appear to have much in the way of fleshiness or softness, but I don’t know if it’s just because she’s so slim? When I see her next to Ginnifer Goodwin for example who’s either R or SC I believe, she looks so narrow and tall, even though they’re around the same height, it’s strange??

  15. I guess the perspective affect how soft we see a person. As a pure yang myself I guess I do see some softness in her features and arm shape (even though it’s very muscular it still looks soft to me - maybe I’m wrong and just deceived by the lack of sharpness). I do agree she is less yin than GG, I wouldn’t say she’s a romantic or anything like that.

  16. If this picture of Lily James was posted with no height, she would be assigned a petite ID without hesitation. Camera angles are so strange to me, because you can never gauge someone’s height accurately!

  17. Michelle Yeoh omg I love her!!! So gorgeous!! I’m dead with this look, she looks amazing!!

  18. I was searching for this topic yesterday you read my mind !! For me it’s either SD or FN for sure! She’s so gorgeous btw! But I do love the bold looks which tend to be more D than N family now that I think about it. There is something classic about the looks themselves but she has too much vertical for a classic. On the other hand she kind of reminds me of Julia Roberts who is FN

  19. Amazing!! It really does help!! Who is your twin flame actress? Do tell! :)

  20. Gorgeous!!! Yea I can see the similarities !

  21. Do models count? Barbara Palvin is an excellent example in my opinion .

  22. This lady seems to have too much vertical to be a classic

  23. Maybe you could look at younger pictures of Naomi Watts and Marion Cotillard - they are gorgeous SCs

  24. I think she’s SG. I can’t believe she’s only 2 inches shorter than me she looks tiny!

  25. While at 9 months there’s still swelling, it should be greatly reduced by now. I would ask the doc whether that is tissue - like a Polly beak or something like that. Personally I am not sure you will get the reference nose. After 9 months the nose is still more similar to early days nose that to the reference. But I’m not a doctor.

  26. Oh really?! That’s interesting. Maybe our tastes are just different, because I feel like she looks like a goddess!

  27. I like your comment - we really need to normalize the fact that different tastes exist

  28. I'm beginning to come around to the idea myself. Now, I've got to sort out the clothing recs since I've been bouncing between DC and SD for so long now. I'm not even sure where to start with D.

  29. I’m also 5’6” and the DC / D struggle is real

  30. I am interested by the concept of “compact”, how would you define it?

  31. Me too.. many concepts need further clarification in general (not OPs fault, they are just a bit esoteric)

  32. Afaik Kibbe has never used the term juxtaposition when speaking of the gamines. I’ve only seen him describe them as a mixture of opposites, yang body in yin size, etc. I think that can be all from short limbs/long torso to long limbs/short torso or just straight lines/double curve.

  33. What is the difference between sassy and spitfire?

  34. I think the dress is wonderful for dramatics, but I’d lose those shoes

  35. I do like A line skirts

  36. I think there’s not enough vertical to be a dramatic…

  37. It depends because flamboyant natural also needs vertical. What do you think you are a strong vertical type? What is you height? Based on the pictures attached, which I am not sure are actually ideal for typing, you should be looking into types with moderate vertical at most.

  38. Your attempt looks great, and love the original! Not sure if you are open to constructive criticism but for me what really makes this outfit cool is the stark contrast between the collar and the dress and the sleek tailoring of the coat. Even though the pattern on your coat is a close match, it might be a more effective look with even just a plain camel or something so long as it has sleeker lines.

  39. I would agree that the look needs a jacket that is more structured/ has a stiffer fabric - just that change and it’s perfect

  40. Yeah i totally see the thing about not being free to discuss how being very overweight or obese can have detrimental side effects, it's just odd to see this discussion here, especially the other commenter who i don't even know what they were trying to say (about EDs)...

  41. I also have no idea what EDs have to do with this.

  42. Wrong. You asked me for sources on my statement - I provided them. Then you doubted the sources I provided and kept on bringing up shaming. Also - all sorts of people die from EDs, small people can die from bursting their guts due to binging for example just as much as bigger people can. So the fatality rate makes no judgment on who suffers the ED. If you are thinking of anorexia, a form of ED - than yes, I guess most people become smaller and smaller the longer they suffer for. You are again bringing up an irrelevant point by trying to frame me, when you are the one who seemingly holds the view about the skinny ED sufferer. Again, I am not shaming thin people. My comments about EDs are actually very inclusive of all weights and I have tried to stress that in my comments.

  43. You are focusing on a detail about the argument (which you haven’t successfully provided anyway because there are many issues with what you sent). But Ariana grande is not even underweight so the “danger of EDs” have nothing to do with my comment or thread. Again, shaming skinny or even normal weight people like Ariana does nothing to stop EDs. It’s just a ridiculous premise. Imagine constantly commenting on the bodies of overweight people because obesity is dangerous… if you can’t see the issues with what you are saying I can’t help you. You just want to nit pick trying unsuccessfully to be right and in the process you are missing the entire point.

  44. Love the look on you! I also had a dramatic NYE!! high five

  45. These are great I think this is spot on

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