1. Seeing a picture of your grip on the gun might help diagnosis.

  2. On the bright side of all this, I WANT to know which businesses are run by bigots. I want to be denied service as an atheist so that I can deny revenue to those businesses. If they have to keep their ignorance and hate to themselves, it is much harder for me to know who to avoid giving my hard-earned money to.

  3. You can't really waste $10 on a knife. There are probably better cheap knives, but for $10 you can't really go wrong. If you like the shape, it will work for most tasks.

  4. My companion is the only knife I actually use. Never even sharpened it, I open cans with the thing. It humbles my collection.

  5. I have one in my utility room hanging on a hook and it is my go-to around-the-house knife. So many things come in huge boxes these days that I have to cut into small pieces to get in the recycling bin. When I build a fire in the backyard, I'll baton it through wood no problem. Once I had to shave down the whole edge of the door to that utility room to keep it from sticking, and the companion did that no problem. I've kinda sharpened it, but I think I just made the grind look more scratchy than I did anything to sharpen it. Still, it keeps cutting.

  6. Bluebonnet Swamp is 5 minutes down bluebonnet from the Mall of LA. So if you want to do some nature and the mall, that's your best bet. There's also a St. Vincent DePaul thrift store and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore right in that same area.

  7. Yeah, I wanted to buy an inexpensive little knife for my girlfriend to carry and this one came up in one of those articles that said something like best bargain EDC carry knives. I knew it was going to be small, but this is not what I was expecting.

  8. Keyring knives are great. Got my wife a keyring Victorinox classic SD, and it is the only way she could carry a knife without losing it.

  9. If I'm not mistaken, sardines have some of the lowest levels of heavy metals among fish. I think that there are some concerns, but from what I've read they're mostly if the fish come for a particularly polluted fishery.

  10. Well 2 is more on a special day im more eating 1 can a day around breakfast also thx for the great info i do have to ask tho are richin sardines from thailand okay or do they pose more of a risk than others?

  11. Quick googling suggests there's no particular concern with Thai sardines

  12. Oh shit, the gun I forgot I wanted really badly, and now I want it again.

  13. So I read the article. The reasoning almost holds up, but it is easy to think of examples catastrophic to it.

  14. I got one of those acrylic jar humidors years ago because it was the cheapest option. It maintains humidity perfectly (either that or my cheap hygrometer just always thinks the humidity is perfect, lol).

  15. Orange mora. Fixed blade will be safer to use and losing a bright orange one will be difficult.

  16. I have 2 orange companions. Love them. Perfect for camping and hunting.

  17. "Dying declarations" are actually a longstanding exception to the hearsay rule.

  18. I suppose this joke was set in the early days after it became an exception?

  19. Who knows. Probably just wasn't written by a lawyer. I just thought it was an interesting fact about evidence law (actually comes up in the courtroom scene in the remake of True Grit).

  20. Smoked pulled pork is great if you have a smoker. If not, oven braised pulled pork is great too.

  21. I have two belts from The Beltman and couldn't be happier. Of course, I'll only ever use leather since I need my gunbelts to work with suits, etc.

  22. Put maybe 10k+ rounds through my old, West German marked Sig 226 years ago when it was my only 9mm and I was cutting my teeth as a shooter.

  23. I save bones and other bits and pieces in the freezer until I have a decent quantity so I can make a worthwhile batch of stock/broth.

  24. This exactly. I have the freezer bag for bones and vegetable trimmings. When the gallon bag is full of bones and onion/celery/carrot tops, etc, it goes in the pressure cooker. I get about 1-1.5 gallons of good, rich stock from a gallon bag of food "waste."

  25. I'm libright but Camus is based as fuck and one of my favorite philosophers of all time. The Myth of Sisyphus might be the most important thing I've ever read.

  26. I would agree with the corn recommendation, but you may want to look at hominy over regular corn. Not only does it go well with the southwest vibe, I think hominy has a more bean-like texture than regular corn kernels.

  27. I don't think you have a problem with just saying it, or describing his skin tone. My community is 60% black and I haven't ever met anyone who was offended by just being called black. The black community calls itself the black community in most places. "Black people" isn't an offensive term in itself.

  28. I'm an attorney, and I'm no stranger to legal forms, pleadings, etc.

  29. I've made Kheer, the indian rice pudding, using it. I don't think that's the authentic recipe but it seems to be a common "shortcut" recipe. It is really good.

  30. And still among the safest countries in Europe

  31. I think that's the strongest combo here. Malenia can keep herself alive with on-hit heals, as most bosses soak up damage rather than dodging attacks, and she has the damage to finish a lot of them. Maliketh has the black blade which does the % health reduction which can make bigger bosses go down faster.

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