1. I was also unaware and received the notice from the City of Portland about a week ago. I’m not in Multnomah County, but in Metro. It’s ridiculous that they expected you to know to pay this separately when tax programs, basic tax prep help didn’t include it. My employer never mentioned this and not everyone uses a CPA so I think it slipped by a lot of people. When I lived in the city, I at least got multiple notices before the Arts tax was due.

  2. AND, SHS is separate from Preschool for all which is separate from Arts tax. It's an uncoordinated mess, as usual.

  3. Y'all like guns in this sub? I must be in the wrong place lmao

  4. It’s possible to disagree civilly and just move on.

  5. High earner as well. I plan on renting my house. Even with the crazy MultCo laws - it pencils out favorably on paper.

  6. I was considering that, but I was worried when I saw all the overly burdensome rental regulations. Are you going to use a management company, or try to swing it on your own?

  7. Cuz they are a “honeymooning young handsome/beautiful white couple from Canada.”

  8. Why do you even have to throw "white" in there? People making everything about race all the time, totally unnecessarily. It doesn't help with anything.

  9. I have had momentary experiences of selflessness precipitated by all the mindfulness practice that I've learned through the app. It's a little hard to describe. It's as if there is only awareness itself, without any identity or clinging. I felt it once while dressing in my closet and another time while outside in a swimming pool. It lasted only for a moment, but it helped me to see what is meant by it.

  10. Very interesting. Did you have any meditation experience before using the app? How long were you using the app before those glimpse experiences?

  11. I had minimal meditation experience prior to Waking Up, nothing like a regular practice. I have been using the app since June, 2021. I have listened to most of the content on the app, including at least half of the Alan Watts talks. I have practiced mindfulness in some capacity every day since I started.

  12. This right here. It sure feels like a last ditch political effort. The timing is just too suspect.

  13. Average leftists are not violent. Average person in general is not violent. Portland has a lot of leftists that aren't average, but they don't seem to have the wherewithal to understand that.

  14. Kotek isn't that great, but I don't understand how anyone can actually support Drazan.

  15. But this flyer tries to frame Gonzalez as some right wing MAGA candidate, which is dishonest and pathetic. That’s how we know it’s from Jo Ann. Dishonesty is integral to her character.

  16. I definitely do not believe they aren't. But in the city where I live, the voters are likely to add "anti-racism" directly in to the city charter. We have poured hundreds of millions - no joke! - in to committees and working groups to solve these kinds of problems. It seems to everyone as if backward progress has been made. Maybe it's time to try action instead of talking about it. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have measurements and oversight, I'm just pointing out that governments seem incapable of exercising good judgement when it comes to spending, and maybe more overhead isn't the answer.

  17. All the committees, offices, etc just feel like more bureaucracy. Do something instead of endless posturing. Pour money in to neglected and underserved neighborhoods, especially schools. Create parks and community extracurricular programs. Offer direct assistance and support to BIPOC families in need.

  18. It is still an option. I had to search the FAQ to find it.

  19. FWIW, when the prices drop this low, it's typically because the beans are way past a reasonable roast date.

  20. jfc the replies to that tweet are so toxic. I can’t fathom why anyone would run for public office when they have to deal with that level of vitriol. Social media seems like a detriment to democracy.

  21. Not sure on your budget, but El Gaucho downtown ($$$$).

  22. He reviews the evidence on his latest podcast, the evidence for diet and exercise to change weight is weak, but bariatric surgery and GLP-1 agonists (Victoza, Ozempic) have impressive results.

  23. I'll have a listen. It would have to be very compelling evidence indeed to make a case that diet and exercise aren't the best way to lose weight.

  24. The plural of anecdotes isn't data. We have had decades of research studies now that show exercise doesn't result in weight loss, and most diets only cause temporary or very modest reductions of weight. People CAN lose a lot of weight, but they gain it back. And when they do, they won't be posting about that on reddit. Arthur Brooks actually mentions this on his talk with Sam, psychologically losing weight is rewarding, but when you plateau, you lose motivation. There's biochemical reasons for this as well, over time after weight loss hormones like leptin adjust to bring your body back to homeostasis. GLP-1 agonists seem to work because they disrupt this whole biochemical effect, while bariatric surgery is obviously a brute force intervention that complete disrupts your anatomy rendering any biochemical feedback moot. Our bodies are designed to pack on pounds during times of plenty and then fight weight loss during times of starvation. we live in a world of constant plenty, and when we try to reduce weight, our anti starvation mechanisms kick in.

  25. I get that anecdotes aren't data, and maybe pointing to a couple subreddits is just lazy (it is).

  26. Don’t Chinese people rip off every single bit of western innovation.

  27. This is completely irrelevant to the OP’s question.

  28. The analysis is decent, but his entire premise is wrong. He’s worried about a few headlines he read, summing it up as:

  29. Unpopular take, I know, but this is pretty common in most cities. It certainly is not exclusively a Portland thing. Fun fact: we didn't know about this, and a few years ago my wife reported a broken curb in front of our house to the city. They promptly came by and served us a notice to repair it at our own expense. Pretty sure they arrived faster than any of the dozens of times I've called police.

  30. Help cannot come soon enough. I’m hopeful, but I have low confidence in Wheeler’s plan and in Rene’s ability to make any meaningful difference. It feels intractable.

  31. It feels intractable, because as much as conservatives don't want to admit this, this is not a Portland problem, and it is not the fault of libsharts and progressives and bleeding hearts, it is a national problem.

  32. I actually doubt that you’ll get much disagreement that it’s a national problem, though our particular flavor is obviously concentrated on the west coast and especially apparent in Portland where progressives have controlled politics for decades. The fact is that you don’t see the problem at this order of magnitude elsewhere in the country.

  33. Paywall. Would like to read this one! The Economist talking about Portland problems yikes

  34. Don’t worry about it, in true Portland fashion, I left a bunch of passive aggressive fucken comments and mentioned how our coffee is better. Should be cleared up.

  35. Right? Like did anyone ask the neighborhoods most affected by crime whether they thought less policing was a good idea? Somebody called it a “luxury belief” - coming from a place of privilege and making assumptions about what to do without taking in to consideration any first hand perspective.

  36. Yeah, well, that’s just like, his opinion, man.

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