The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham


This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. ...yeh this is as bad as the Trump fan art tbh. Garland is a spineless worm who had all the time between jan 6 and now to press charges against a criminal president.

  2. To be fair it takes a pretty long time for federal charges to come to fruition. Especially if they plan on doing this to politicians? Have to be incredibly careful with that.

  3. Jesus Christ. I understand a new regime coming in and shredding old regime players, but Quan is one you hang onto.

  4. I hate this. I hate when the devs nerf creative ways to use legend abilities and in game items together. So fucking dumb

  5. If trading away our 2016 core wasn’t indicative of a new era, this truly is. This team will be brand new in 2024. I’m betting even Hendricks will be gone in a year.

  6. Idk about anyone else but these changes sound pretty damn good actually.

  7. That caustic skin is actually sick. I have necrosis but this may make an appearance.

  8. Being able to keep degrom for a 7th round pick next year feels so good.

  9. This just really sucks. People truly don’t understand the difference between us plebs and the elites. The gap is just insurmountable and we have to watch literal open corruption and cannot do a thing about it. It’s exhausting.

  10. Shit is tough. I swear I had PPD (I’m the father/dad) for the first 5-6 months. Nothing is harder than explaining to your spouse your lack of emotion. He’s 10 months now and I am absolutely in love with this kid. Glad you got through it!

  11. I wish they had enough humility to accept that Storm Point is straight ass and no one likes it

  12. So happy I can keep degrom stupid cheap next year.

  13. This is…less than ideal. If a federal agency is this complicit? Oooooof.

  14. Put them through all the bullshit to not trade them? If I’m Contreras I walk this off-season and Happ. Well this year was his highest value.

  15. I got one am flabbergasted. Barring a last minute trade, the cubs FO really let Contreras and Happ feel so unwanted just to turn around and not let them go. How pathetic.

  16. I’d be surprised personally if he wasn’t the first QB taken. I rag on Bama qb’s a lot but kid looks damn good

  17. When I stopped talking to them and I felt more at peace and happier lmao.

  18. CLB followed by HN. Everything up to those two were at least decent. I’m not gonna say he’s fallen off in the sense of success and numbers, but his quality of music is at its lowest it has ever been in my opinion.

  19. I’ve said this to myself and my wife. How the hell? I don’t get it. Along with the stress, financially it’s insane!

  20. Not all browns fans, but too many seem to shit on big Ben (rightfully so) and then show support for Watson. Pretty crazy to see

  21. I’m far from supporting him. What he did was wrong but I’m not going to wish harm upon him or his family like some comments I’ve seen today.

  22. Yeah I agree. Never understood why people send death threats, such weird shit.

  23. If I remember right he’s a speedster too. So if he can get a solid OBP he’ll be a nightmare

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