1. Resting on the corpse of his defeated enemy.

  2. We are lucky to have peaple like y'all taking care of us,and our community. Thank you too.

  3. I have their Ice Cream Cake and it’s the closest to the flower in taste, aroma and effects to me than any other cart I’ve tried. I have the same strand from Bragg Canna and it’s not nearly as flavorful or potent. I’d buy the BRCC one again right now. Wouldn’t spend money on the Bragg Canna.

  4. So far s good but am I just overlooking the back button? Because I can't find it and I feel stupid.

  5. Some type of fall chrysanthemums and safflower.

  6. Lol you always have the coolest knives!

  7. I'm 54 . I've been self medicating for 35 years. I have perspective from someone who has been to California, Nevada, Colorado and tried as many strains as possible. I have always paid alot of attention to this plant and how it is grown. So far in Mississippi, RR is definitely doing the best job so far.

  8. Where’d yall get it at? Or is 7g smalls the way Mockinbird sells it instead of 3.5s?

  9. Aw man, I was just there yesterday. Picked up some sauce carts, Tyson Pound4PoundCake, Tyson Knockout OG, and Ric Flair Drip. I’ll have to ask them about it

  10. Oh btw loved the low thc high cbd Pennywise. Amazed at how effective the anxiety relief was,with no feeling of being pulled down through out the day. Very surprised, will definitely get again. Until now I thought I needed at least 24% to actually have relief.

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