1. You can set a thermal limit in the bios. The cpu will boost accordingly and never go above that temperature.

  2. Your PSU is not enough for 3080, and barely enough for 3070. Just save your money and enjoy your 2060 until you see a really great deal.

  3. My guess is your pc may not be 100% stable in the first place. The two drivers do not have meaningful differences, other than the list of software Nvidia tested against internally.

  4. Check the gpu TDP/PSU requirements and the power connectors unless you want to update the PSU as well.

  5. Yes, it will work with Ryzen 5000.

  6. E-core can slow down games. It is definitely much slower than P-cores and only meant for efficient loads. 8p + 8e is just 8p, granted those are very good 8p.

  7. I do not expect your games to improve much by going from b550 to x570, unless you are talking about audio quality, WiFi support, faster Ethernet, fan headers and vrm temperatures.

  8. Only bios version f60 or later has smart memory access function support.

  9. Why do you recommend MSI over OP’s Asus?

  10. Download and install the nvidia GPU driver from Asus website: V30.0.14.7186 Also, you may try all the related drivers there as well.

  11. If daisy chain is to connect the fans in series, they may not work with only 3V. Connecting the fans in parallel using y-splitters is the right way. Note that the splitters should only connect three wires without the sense pin (tachometer). The motherboard can only read the speed of one fan.

  12. Speculating here as rumor states that the 40 series is not a refresh anymore due to pressure from AMD. Nvidia may have pushed up features for Hoppers (transformer engine?) to compete. With an over supply, they need to also offer something over the 30 series to sell the 40s.

  13. Are you using the 462.21 driver from MSI website?

  14. No I'm using the latest from Nvidia.

  15. MSI custom driver may fix the problem. It is worth a try.

  16. It feels like some kind of trick here. As a major investment, I wouldn’t buy for six months.

  17. This is interesting. E-cores are definitely more efficient and games are faster without them.

  18. It doesn’t matter for gaming. LHR limits the performance of hashing in cryptocurrency calculations, which affects the return of a mining operation.

  19. It may be easier to take everything out and doing it again by the manual. Also, check that you didn’t damage the cpu and its pins.

  20. I played this beeping sound into the mic.

  21. My nano does not do that. The beeps stay constant.

  22. I am not sure about worth, but at 4K, the experience will continue to improve all the way to 3090, assuming the system is not CPU bound. At 1080p though, 3060 ti is sufficient.

  23. Yes, RTX 3060 ti will run at 4K, but it won’t hit 60 fps unless you reduce the settings and turn on DLSS.

  24. Unless you have seen RT and want that, it doesn’t matter. As for DLSS, it’s nice for the supported games, but there are enough ghosting and flaws to just spend on going native.

  25. I saw it on reddit, and it seemed to make quite a difference for CP2077?

  26. Then go for it and get the TI. I would expect more RT gain in the next generations though, if you can wait until September.

  27. Turn your mic away from the fan, clean the fan or turn the fan off.

  28. The fan can be on the other side of the room on the lowest setting and it helps none. I've replaced the fan with an air conditioner to test which is nearly silent and it's still causing issues. The air conditioner is facing the opposite direction of the mic and the mic is only aimed towards me, no other sounds.

  29. If you launch G Hub and leave it there, your input gain will stay at 75. If you close G Hub, Windows automatic gain control (AGC) will take over and the gain can hit 100 easily (under Sound > Recording > Microphone Properties > Levels) depending on the recording software.

  30. Yes if you have a good PSU. 6600XT is 160W TDP, RX460 is only 75W.

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