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  1. ❌ If you read this, delete all your comments as a show of support… Do NOT upvote my comment… I thank you all for giving so much attention to this post. I’ve lost countless loved ones to this disease and accidents caused by over-consumption of alcohol.

  2. "Unfortunately we are unable to tolerate the destruction of company equipment in the workplace and therefore have to let you go. Thanks for saving the plane though!"

  3. Watching the bottles fall one by one without being able to do anything about it is more painful than if they had just fallen all at once

  4. Who do you even call in this situation? A plumber, 911, your mom, Poseidon???

  5. This is why you should always know where your shut off valve to your house / apartment is located. You would call a plumber unless you knew for certain it was a fire line then a fire protection company. Next call would be a water damage restoration company to do mold prevention and clean up.

  6. I like that a couple of kids go calmly up to help him. Says good things about their character.

  7. They were probably also the ones that started clapping lol and from the looks of it, they cared more about the desk than the teacher.

  8. In 2000, Blockbuster ONLY raked in $800 million in late fees, representing 16% of its revenue.

  9. According to my calculations, I believe I owe them $13,140 in late fees.

  10. Poor guy. Look at the steam. That scalding hot water is probably giving him a lot of pain.

  11. In a world without shut off valves… One man, must repair the pipes..

  12. LOL, but seriously… They do have great water pressure. I’m really kind of jealous.

  13. That’s a very simple, yet complicated question. Most people are looking for love & acceptance. Once they find it, they go soul-searching to find their purpose in life. Kind of like the tuna fish @0:27.

  14. Just coming back from the arena, atmosphere was tremendous, came close to getting a towel from a seahawks player but had it snatched away. Amazing experience overall

  15. Me, too. I’m so glad they brought The NFL here and it was an honor to see Tom Brady in action again. I watched him for the first time when I was in Boston and he replaced Drew Bledsoe to win the Super Bowl. My favorite part of the day was when the whole crowd started singing Country Road together.

  16. What a beautiful story. I wish Ayla continued good health. This medical breakthrough is an absolute first and I hope these doctors go on to save countless more lives.

  17. LOL, they are literally playing in Qatar.

  18. Yeah… I think I AM going to ‘Qatar’ this World Cup out of my schedule.

  19. Exactly. Qatar has been criticised for its stance on same-sex relationships, its human rights record and its treatment of migrant workers. As much as I love the sport, players and have not missed a single World Cup since Diego Maradona scored his “Hand of God” goal against England in 1986… I, for one, would not be able to forgive myself for supporting a World Cup hosted by Qatar with Iran or Russia playing and, as a result, unfortunately I am going to be busy painting my pretty little toenails and dyeing my hair this year.

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