1. Gon isn’t a righteous fuck at all lmao. He’s just friendly, until he’s not.

  2. Unless you lack that enzyme like i do. A couple flakes in the bong gets me toasted. Ate a gram of decarbed live resin the other night, never felt it.

  3. Adult Gon would definitely take notice of Mereum’s power like they do on DBZ. But Gon probably wouldn’t be capable of a conversation. Lmao when Gon dodged Pitou and just stared at them coldly like trash before annihilated them… he’d stare at Mereum the same way

  4. Ok at this point I’ll just copy paste this comment whenever this question pops up again:

  5. Beautifully said. I’m glad Mereum had the chance to experience love. I wonder why Togashi never had Mereum and Gon truly meet?

  6. Would like to see how they measure up in the One Piece world. All their Nen abilities become devil fruit powers. The York New Pirates. Their Jolly Roger is a picture of that cross on Chrollo’s head.

  7. One Piece is basically the dark continent. That’s a wacky world. I’m still in awe of Gear 5.

  8. No, I don't misunderstand. The states leigh brasington describes... there is still sensuality (you can feel your body) there is still thought (although you may see how its dukkha and be inclining away from thinking into deep stillness) it is true is is far superior to non meditative states. If you want I can quote him talking about what he calls 8th jhana as "maybe a sentence or two of thinking". it is not a jhana. Chances are people think it is God or Nirvana if they chance into one since in first jhana it would feel so outside of imagination or experience the first time it feels like the world has disappeared.

  9. Hmm.. yeah. I just feel that you discredit that whatever Leigh teaches works for people and the severing of dukkha. You’ll find quite a few teachers who can do jhanas as described by Ajahn Brahm and Pa Auk Sayadaw and still don’t claim to be beyond 2nd or 3rd path.

  10. I do believe Leigh has experienced great insight towards the mark of 2nd path through the utility of the jhanas he teaches. I love your description of 2nd and 3rd path. Sainthood is such a beautiful aspiration.

  11. Effects are good I was high asf after a few hits you feel it all in your eyes and get that laughter feeling lmao

  12. Definitely Netero. I meditate and could learn a lot from him. And his day to day is an adventure so whatever he’s up to im down

  13. I’m not sure what Gon’s drive will be when he’s done his homework at Aunt Mito’s house.

  14. A little bit ago I was looking into TWIM. It seemed like a possible good route to go. However, some things they said seemed almost too good to be true like 20% of people getting stream entry on their first 10 day retreat there. Also basically 100% of people getting jhana. Eventually, I found this that kind of confirmed my suspicions.

  15. Those jhanas are wacky. I read the book and was extremely confused on how they describe jhana. Regardless, getting people to develop a relaxed attitude to life is definitely some good stuff that TWIM helps with.

  16. I just want a camera on Delson to see him going into nirodha for days like he says he does.

  17. This is how I've been able to cut down on beer/drinking as well.

  18. There’s definitely worse. I’ve seen worse fathers in real life. So it doesn’t compare.

  19. When was Meruem dodging Netero's attacks? You talking about the same fight?

  20. You’re right. He was getting slapped up. I was thinking when he ripped Netero’s limbs. Even more reason why Pitou doesn’t stand a chance.

  21. Hard to tell. But just from some extrapolation of parallels, Pitou and Netero would be a much closer fight than Gon vs Pitou or Meruem vs Netero.

  22. I suppose. Definitely not convinced that Pitou can survive Zero Hand.

  23. You need 100ug so you can easily compare it to 200ug. Leaving 20ug on the table is a seed of doubt.

  24. I agree with your assessment, but why do you say Chrollo is potentially a tier above Hisoka in combat? Personally I would have even assumed the opposite: that Hisoka has slightly better physicality than Chrollo. But I'm entirely open to being wrong, just wondering what made you say that is all

  25. You’re right. Chrollo’s win was so circumstantial. But idk… as a combatant does Chrollo have potential to beat more components then Hisoka? Possibly, because of the versatility he has in that book.

  26. Chrollo is just way more unpredictable than Hisoka

  27. Definitely. If Hisoka was in the room against Silva and Zeno pretty sure he would’ve been beat before the phone call that saved Chrollo. I want to give Hisoka more credit than that, but.. who knows haha

  28. I was going to say the American government. They don’t really care about the welfare of humanity.

  29. Can you speak more about how selling out Jesus benefitted Christianity?

  30. Top 3 favorite characters? What’s your favorite scene? Favorite arc? Favorite Nen ability?

  31. Top characters: Hardest question ever. My top would be Ging. Followed by Tserriednich (from manga) and of course Tonpa, my lovely, no. 1 man.

  32. Top characters: Hisoka, Chrollo, Killua, Gon (not in any order).

  33. It’s one of my favorite fights I’ve seen in a manga. When reading up to it, it kinda of came out of nowhere. My jaw dropped when I saw the page, like “holy fuck they’re actually going to fight!! Togashi you spoil me.” It was a treat. I loved the greater insight into Chrollo’s personality/Nen. Loved this Hisoka panel:

  34. The Phantom Troupe attacking Zazan's nest was amazing...seeing Feitan abilities in action was amazing, Shalnark going full beast mode after being the "nicest" spider made him look so cool...and just get murdered so easily by Hisoka like what even is that.. But, my absolute favorite fight moment was Bololenov showing off his abilities, that was EPIC

  35. Feitan going off is definitely one of my favorite troupe moments. He’s so sassy.

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