1. Embiid obviously took it personal when Hakeem praised Jokic and basically said he’d take him over Embiid

  2. I saw a 4ch chief doing the shit in Menard and all the vice lords were scared of him so they turned a blind eye….shit common with other gangs too not just GD’s

  3. Out west lingo in the city then spread everywhere. Mfs in southern Illinois been saying Jo since the mid 90’s

  4. *Chief of the Body Snatcher foes

  5. I was locked up in Menard with one of the guys he told on. Crazy Larry “Lurch” Neumann hit man for the Outfit….he was 70 years old when I met him (I was 20) and he used to out work me on the yard working out. He had respect from all the gang chiefs and the CO’s.

  6. Jaylen Brown is the modern day Scottie Pippen. Celtics have the best duo in the league.

  7. Peak Charles Barkley was better than Peak Karl Malone. Karl obviously was the greater defender (3x All Defence First for him vs not even a second team for Chuck) but watching the games it just felt like Barkley had another gear and more X- Factor to take over. Malone would consistently get you 27/10 but there's something intangible he lacked. I know it's a meme but he didn't really have "that dawg in him" like Barkley.

  8. From 90-93 I’m taking Barkley even though Malone’s numbers are slightly better. And that version of Barkley would thrive in todays NBA. I don’t think Malone’s game translates at all to todays game.

  9. Out of curiosity, When you say you don't think Malone's game would translate "at all to todays game" what does that look like to you?

  10. He was a pick and roll/pick and pop guy(mid range) when he was most effective. He wouldn’t be a dominant post player now so he wouldn’t command a double team. He creates zero offense off the dribble. I just don’t see him being very good today 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Kato wasnt high ranking, matter of fact he wasn't reppin the set like that nor was the set claiming him like that. He brought heat to the hood, he was a get money dude for sure, as soon as he got tha cash he started hanging with other people and even SDs.

  12. Kato and his pops were both high ranking. The Trumbull’s were split up between dudes who ran with Kato and another dude who was in a wheelchair. IFYKYK

  13. They hated kings but now they’re on count with them and basically have to aid and assist them if anything pops off in the state joints

  14. He got locked up with his cousin Jimmy Soto 🐰 they were the main leaders of the two six. I was in Menard (the Pit) with Jimmy in the early 2000’s. They got life sentences at 17

  15. Lebron will own the team when they bring basketball back to Seattle

  16. Draymond doesn’t get run off the floor in the playoffs

  17. I said this and got downvoted like crazy. Gobert can’t guard away from the basket and when they isolated him in pick and rolls Luka exposed him

  18. C vs A is definitely the all time matchup

  19. Can they still be considered to be as respected if they put in enough work on the streets to be considered an OG and a shot caller of some sort even though they aren't Hispanic?

  20. Yes Shaka used to be one of the shot callers for the kings. He was 100% black and from the north side. When I was in Menard with him he ran shit for the kings from the hole

  21. Life doesn’t literally mean life it’s really between like 30-50 years

  22. In Illinois life is until you die in that bitch

  23. If winning a championship is the ultimate goal then the elite players should be ranked based on their impact on winning. Stats are the most overrated aspect of ranking all time players. For the elite players it should be how many championships they won as the best player on their team.

  24. You gotta be kidding with Gobert

  25. Don’t be blinded by those old DPOY awards he can’t move his feet in space

  26. Depends what it’s for. If you get 40 for murder you do the whole 40. Gun and other violent cases can be 85% but anything else like drug cases are 50%

  27. One of the greatest coaches and execs in NBA history

  28. If it’s a RICO and the feds ain’t picking it up then it’s not a slam dunk case

  29. This and the 48 laws of Power are the two most read books in prison

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