1. Sometimes you have to. I live in an urban area with too many stray cats, and my cat always come home with bruises and scratches, and very dirty. He tries to groom himself but there are some areas he just can't reach. He also loves to sleep in my bed when I'm away, and I can't do anything to stop him.

  2. If you play on survival then no, you can teleport TO the institute from anywhere of the Commonwealth but the ONLY place you can teleport OUT of the institute is the C.I.T Ruins

  3. It's a very good teleport, pretty much in the middle of the map, close to diamond city, free ride back home. But IMO vertibirds are still better.

  4. I'm totally agreeing with your opinion, teleport is overrated, it's more fun shooting stuff from the sky

  5. Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe, [sniff] maybe. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.

  6. He survived for years like that until you came close with your fancy reality bubble making time pass

  7. If you manage to beat the game alone without any help you'll feel like an absolute boss. Just go and try to figure out for yourself.

  8. You need to spread it evenly in the whole paper, and roll a bit tighter

  9. Historically incorrect. There were large magical traditions and pratices all thoughout Anglo saxon, germanic, Nordic, Celtic history. The British isles and Ireland still have on going Druidic pratices that accended from the barbarous tribes of proto Indo-European people and the Mediterranean populations pre antiquity. Although not limited to white people, but predominately white, the Rosicrucian orders are still alive and they practice a westernized version of magic influenced from Biblical tech plus perennial monist traditions like Hermticism. But in reference to the concept of " whiteness ". It is pretty modern concept that America's embraced. When Europeans left their cultures and countries they came to the USA and abandoned their ethic groups to be labeled "white". It doesn't mean white people can't do magic. It just means our lineage is no longer in the home of where our magic was done and learned. So there is no white people magic or black people magic because magic is far older then racial labels and is much better recognized through cultural corrispondances and ethic grouping of specific sects and traditions. In general magic is something that is readily available to anyone with a soul or a connection to divinity either of a higher power like a god, or nature of the very cosmos itself

  10. White supremacy spreading lies to make it look like they can do magic

  11. Licensa moça, sua voz é muito bonita mas aqui é aonde a gente posta vídeos de crianças estupidas

  12. Just checking, there are two jackpot Quests right? Pam isn't giving me a third one

  13. Well right now she's talking about all processes being busy

  14. Talk to tinker Tom, check your quest log, if that doesn't work, try traveling somewhere and passing time.

  15. That just sounds like the speel of the fact that humans don't tend to like things that are objectively their better. Also who likes being sick? I didn't state that you couldn't feel pain nor have imperfections just that their negative side-effects are gone unless you are arguing that negative aspects are in fact positive for a human? I personally would much prefer not being sick, or fat or depressed and other such unnecessary negatives?

  16. Suffering can be a great motivator. People often become volunteers to help others who are suffering, because they have been there, they know what it feels like. This negatives aspects force us to evolve and in my opinion teaches us how to be a better person.

  17. Your opinion while your own, is illogical as what makes humans evolve, adapt and become better comes not from disease, mental anguish, or health problems but from physical threats to their own safety, life, and property. Evolution is caused by death, physical threats and a need to improve or die. The Evolution you speak of is only the unnecessary Evolution of one's own empathy, emotions and conscience, a (in my opinion) useless Evolutionary trait to evolve as the standard is sufficient. Along with the example you made of volunteers has no weight in the argument as it doesn't correlate to how you believe suffering from illness, genetic defects, poor lifestyle choices and mental disorders/diseases can be beneficial to one's self. Volunteering is a benefit for others not yourself.

  18. We're not wild animals. We survive by having a job and getting paid. We have evolved to be social and we rely on our communication, so mental and emotional development is absolutely useful in modern days. I don't think suffering is good and will never be, but it can be beneficial in some circumstances, if not to one self to the community as a whole.

  19. Damn, the wind was blowing a brazillion miles that day.

  20. In my opinion tank builds are not very effective in dark souls games, you need to invest too much in stats for little returns.

  21. Normally yes, but full giant set+wolf ring and a big sword is honestly one of the easiest ways to play dsr. It won’t slide in ds3 but you can absolutely be tanky in dsr.

  22. It's just my personal preference. I like to be light and quick and carrying a shield gets the job done.

  23. ok, where is the entrance and key for a sunken king?

  24. The Giants don't have that key. They have the key to another door that contains the key you need.

  25. It's not good at first but it gets better the longer you use it. I like to smoke some tobacco on it before putting weed, because at first it doesn't taste very good

  26. So 7 counts of murder , rest of life in prison or worse…over 4 thousand dollars?

  27. Stop reposting with lies, he lost thousands of dollars on a pool game, not for being laughed at.

  28. Wait I'm so confused, why'd she catch on fire? Was it the hair?

  29. Yep. Hair burns just like plastic. It melts down, sticks to you, just nasty.

  30. Just do them anyway you want, there's no set path you should follow.

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