1. I do car wraps for a living…. It would likely only last a year or 2 (maybe) as the roof and hood get the most direct sunlight, therefore the vinyl basically gets baked. Which could leave your roof in worse shape then if you just left it alone.

  2. This is very helpful info -- always nice to get advice from a professional. I hadn't thought about this angle, but it makes sense to me. Thanks for responding.

  3. Somebody recently suggested getting a paint shop to clear coat it with an extra protective layer — not sure of that will provide the sort of UV protection you’re looking for? Might be worth a consultation.

  4. These are crop circles, made by aliens who happen to be very small, thus the scaling snafu. If you lightly mist the screen every few days, then we'll know what they like to eat -- useful intel for negotiating our terms of surrender down the road. Just saying . . .

  5. I do mine once a year at the Dealer. Once I brought to a German car place and they were trying to convince me twice a year.

  6. I live several hours away from the nearest BMW shop, which is a good thing for now, since it motivates me to handle minor maintenance on my own. Also keeps my wallet from leaking too much, which seems to be a common problem around dealerships.

  7. I use the app mi3 to keep track of how many miles or hours the REX has ran.

  8. I've seen this app, but haven't (yet) used it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. I have my original OEM cupholder insert (

  10. I didn't even know this part exists! Thanks for the info. If it didn't have the built-in ashtray piece, this would be perfect.

  11. FYI, the rubber insert is removable from the plastic shell, just help in with sticky tape. Cheers

  12. So the plastic, with the rubber insert removed, is just an empty shell?

  13. For example, today (August 22) my clock shows the correct GPS time for the Pacific time zone but I live in Mountain (and yes, I've tried various adjustments to the DST and time zone settings, without success). So I can adjust it manually by one hour to show the correct Mountain time, but who knows what will happen when DST changes or I drive to another time zone.

  14. The side markers on my 2005 are different, but they use the same bulb, so I'll recommend the bulbs I used

  15. You'll need a trim tool or strong fingers and varying sockets. It look like if you removed the rear upper trim(has bolts in the headlight, then remove the C pillar, and the D pillar(1 small bolt behind a little cover). You'll have access to the bolt holding the upper portion of the belt. You can then remove the lower bolt and probably wrap the metal bits in foam tape (maybe put in a baggy then foam tape) you can probably stuff it out of sight behind the larger rear interior trim side panels. The foam tape prevents rattles. I'm not sure if there will be a visible gap in the trim from the removing the upper bolt though. Depending on how you stow it may damage the belt if stored long long term.

  16. Thanks for the detailed response - very helpful. Sounds like this is more complicated than I want to attempt.

  17. I bought a 2014 REx Tera with many options in January 2021. It had about 65k miles and a fully documented service record (including recalls) from southern CA dealerships (mostly). I did a lot of research beforehand and concluded that whatever issues it might have had were probably all worked out. Absolutely no problems so far.

  18. They should have used a custom Tesla/Bolt hybrid.

  19. The Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow is the best solution I've found - perfectly sized and infinitely adjustable, and it rolls up to the size of a soda can for storage:

  20. I'll be doing my first oil change this week, ordered supplies from ECS Tuning:

  21. Any device that doesn't measure directly at the battery is not accurate. Accessory plugs go through multiple devices/converters, the fuse box, etc.

  22. Is it possible to connect this Bluetooth monitor to the vehicle's Bluetooth connection, and to view this battery data on the Control Display? Probably a silly question, but . . .

  23. Thanks for your response - I'm glad to know about the Bluetooth monitor, which seems like a much better option.

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