1. I've heard of the show before but never bothered watching it especially considering i'm not the biggest fan of netflix

  2. Oh don't worry, Hilda's quality has nothing to do with Netflix. It's an amazing show.

  3. Don't judge a book by its cover, mang.

  4. This lady is beyond “Karenism” she’s obviously been through some serious abuse in her life and needs help.

  5. When you say abuse, I think substance abuse is more likely than actual abuse from others. Though it could have been both.

  6. That’s not drug induced behavior that’s poor mental health. She has the same response to everyone. Her mind is stuck on some traumatic experience and she can’t get passed it. She believes she’s passed it with Gods help which is why she’s being belligerent towards everyone and referencing Jesus. She needs help. I wouldn’t go the psych meds route she needs real family healing.

  7. I thought it would be funny so I threw it in.

  8. Someone wrote this. Someone was paid to came up and write this. There people who actually make a living doing this.

  9. Yeah, AugustTheDuck. That's how I stumbled upon this shit!

  10. He probably didnt even pay for it. The mum probably did

  11. Nah, my guess is she left that POS long before this video was filmed.

  12. Plot twist: she's doing it FOR Luz!

  13. I..... didn't draw this. I'm just sharing it.

  14. Cuphead is the one that brought Mugman along and got themselves into the mess.

  15. His parents are WAYYY too chill about hearing this. My mom would’ve probably vomited everywhere as my dad sprinted across the room to beat me half to death. I feel like those would be appropriate responses, not “dammit Jamie!”

  16. Exactly. That mom is a grade A enabler.

  17. "I don't know WHAT I was expecting, but it was not THAT!"

  18. Close Enough is Regular Show for adults and there’s nothing wrong with that. It was good because it could do things that Regular Show couldn’t. Of course I do think Regular Show is better but that doesn’t mean this show isn’t.

  19. The thing is that Regular Show already was sort of directed towards adults. Most of the jokes were crude or sexual, and went over the kids' heads.

  20. I know this. However it was still on a children’s network. It still had limits. Close Enough didn’t.

  21. True, but in my experience of watching Close Enough, I found that most of what they could get away with were things we've already seen a thousand times over on other shows.

  22. Beetlejuice death sound. Thanks to AVGN I know this lmao

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Zejqipvrs

  24. The Beetlejuice (NES) Death Sound.

  25. AFAIK, It's state to state, and with private businesses it's also their call, but at 21 you're good everywhere.

  26. Well, I've heard of rental car places that want you to be 25. But yeah.

  27. Of the two 21 is the big one in society. In the US you gain a lot of access at 21 to things denied to a 20 year old. You can change your drivers license from a more restricted "under 21" to a full adult license. You can purchase alcohol and all the many doors that opens, a drink with dinner, pretty much access to alcohol anywhere it's available. You can buy legal weed in every state that has it.

  28. Don't you only have to be 18 to book a hotel, adopt, have a full driver's license or sign a lease?

  29. At least it's had a longer run than Gravity Falls, as it deserves.

  30. Hilda will have 39 episodes, gravity falls has 40. I guess with the movie it’s slightly longer maybe.

  31. The Mountain King was the length of four regular episodes, making the total 43 episodes. Season 2 also had two double-length episodes and season 3 probably will too.

  32. I'm all for Frilda (HildaxFrida) but I can't stand the concept of Hilvid (HildaxDavid) or Davida (FridaxDavid).

  33. I haven’t done the second phase. I plan for it to be a swarm of bats though.

  34. Can't wait to see! Is this like an actual fan game you're making or just death cards?

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