1. Dont listen to the fucker talk, fuck him up before he can finish his shitty dialogue.

  2. It's said all the time, but given he's a black man, who just got reported to the police for having a gun, and given the way that situation often unfolds in this country, I would call this more than "mildly" infuriating.

  3. I'm saving this Convo. Best discussion I've seen on Reddit thus far

  4. Also, I wonder if Miyazaki has read Stranger in a Strange Land? My fav science fiction novel ever. The name does draw correlations...

  5. Stick near him dont go on distance, is literally the formula to make 99,00% of all bosses in souls games easier. I tought thats common knewledge these days.

  6. This is the reason I fight from a distance funny enough, I find the trades to be exhilarating.

  7. No. Bach invented playing a harpsichord high a top an abandoned tower with lightning striking all around ( this is legit what I imagine when listening to Bach).

  8. Man you sure know how to make up stories. You said he escaped to Romania from sex trafficking charges, well the truth is he was raided in Romania because someone called that his girl was kidnapped(she was seen on video ordering pizza and leaving in an Uber) it the SWAT came to his house and toke him to a police station for questions and was released 2 hours later. He was never charged so that's a lie.

  9. I only need two words to tell me everything I need to know about that moron - hustler academy. BwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhjahajjajahajaajajajajajajajajJJ

  10. Idk, that hidden ending where you wake up from a dream only to find your name is Gary, and you're a fat bastard from central jersey is kind of a let down.

  11. I imagine Malenia going back to the npc waiting room like, " I just had the strangest fight with some green haired weirdo....".

  12. This. That pile of "food" is pretty much all junk food.

  13. What I don't get is the millions of otherwise sane ppl who thought, " I'm totally voting with that guy".

  14. I'm so glad you liked my theory! I know it's a beast of a read but I'm glad you made it through!

  15. Being able to break stun isn't the problem imo. It's that it only exists in one weapon, making everyone use the same set of skills. This is boring game design

  16. I've taken the greyhound from coast to coast twice. Both times took 5 days, and I almost went insane.

  17. logged back on after 8 months. I was reminded of how much i like the crafting and combat. After 1 week I remembered - you fight the same 10 enemies over and over again.....forever. Or avoid the fight altogether, to grab that most likely useless blunderbuss from the shiny chest - repeat.

  18. Hahaha haha. Well that's an option too. Mmos in general need more time than other games, let's at least spend it in a game that rewards it

  19. I don't disagree, but I do love socializing with all the degenerates and actually nice ppl in MMOs. Plus, I love pvp. I really wish a company would crack the code - IE - An MMO with great combat, good social systems, and progression without torture.

  20. As someone you beat that bastard with just a broadsword, this guy can go masticate a pickle.

  21. You know you've got a legendary game when two huge candlesticks are the most op weapon in the game.

  22. "And now for the final act, I will make the net worth of a small European nation disappear!"

  23. As a neighbor from northwest MT, this is yet another example of why Washington and Montana need to partner on a bridge over the Idaho panhandle so I never have to step foot in that state.

  24. But what about the American Redoubt? Aren't you a patriot sir?

  25. When you realize that a large portion of the human population on this earth are actually quite stupid.... You have a choice. Either you decide to manipulate the idiots, or......

  26. I find that fight easy. Beat him twice. Once with a broadsword and the second time with black flame incantations.

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