1. You need a carpenter. Handyman may be good, but finish carpentry is the specific trade.

  2. Lived here most of my life. My two favorites were always K-Vegas (Kernersville) and Fayette-Nam (Fayetteville)

  3. In all seriousness this really freaked me out. Hellmann's is the only mayo I'll buy, thankfully can still get it in US.

  4. Have you ever made your own? It's easy and better than anything you can buy in a jar

  5. So you are just gonna take the internets advice on something none of us can possibly really know?

  6. Not directly related to your case, but I've seen some cases where the wires may appear to be good in a quick visual inspection, but they are so heavily corroded, they will fall apart when you start pulling on them. This is particularly true in the rust belt, even worse if the underside of your vehicle is coated.

  7. Thanks - this car has only been in the SF Bay area and Raleigh NC where salting roads is rarely necessary. So I hope its not a big corrosion issue.

  8. 2276 equipotenital ground fault needs to be addressed. This is likely what keeps causing issues and constant drivetrain malfunctions. All other faults don’t matter to me until that one gets addressed.

  9. Before I even read the dump of errors, I would have guessed Grounding problems... even more so now. The problem is that BMW techs just don't understand how to truly troubleshoot problems, or they may be under pressure to get things done ASAP, even if they don't really find anything.

  10. One small thing to keep in mind is that you wont see that much of the roof ever due to perspective. Good luck!

  11. When we built our house the builder vented our hood into the attic. I wasn't happy about it, but he said every time he vents it outside, the owners block it off with a little pillow or something, or call him later on to vent it into the attic instead because of wind noise. Keep in mind I live in a very windy part of the country and your mileage may vary

  12. Caseta and picos are very unforgiving! There are a few products that can help with spacing. Try these.

  13. The snek only appears at specific times and I'll forever be bullish, even when sitting on the toilet. Enjoy the snek's my friends

  14. Do you happen to have a manual on how to make such copy? I’ve been running home bridge with scripted for a year now and am in fear the day it dies may be sooner rather than later…

  15. Same, wondering what the best practice is for backing up. I have a pi running homebridge and pihole for a year and i havent backed up shit.

  16. Hadn’t thought of that as an option. I might consider that as a 1/2” hole 9-11” in depth seems excessive. I take it you still needed some space behind it for the USB-C connection into the doorbell?

  17. Another option, you might be able to modify the cable head, trimming down the excess plastic? Or find a slimmer head cable?

  18. This sounds like a ‘hire someone’ situation. For every question you have there are three you’re probably not even asking. It will be money well spent.

  19. Check the forum. Apple posted a guide that someone shared on the sub. Basically you’re probably hosed and apple support may or may not be able to help you. But there are some basic steps they outlined as a troubleshooting process.

  20. You’re giving most left lane squatters WAY too much credit for even realizing what they are doing.

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