1. Should I use the Fortuitous Invitation to get Yaoyao or Yunjin C5?

  2. Kuki, Kazuha, Diona and Albedo. If your wondering what this is supposed to be, its my physical dps Kuki team + Albedo.

  3. Honestly I just love seeing these two together so much!

  4. I'm honestly tired of hearing "BuT ThAt'S jUsT a FlAmInGo" from anyone who sees Flamigo. Noooo, really? You do realize that basically every gen ever has a "but thats just a ____" pokemon, its nothing new.

  5. Mine are a little anime heavy, with some rareships mixed in.

  6. -When the writer has an obvious bias to a character and doesnt bother to make things make sense. Why are all these people suddenly fans of the main character when they showed up during a dimensional invasion and proved magic was real? Sure he saved some people, but why are people waving banners with his face/name on them the next day? He killed people in cold blood, he proved magic was real, and no one thinks this is an eloborate hoax or that he was with the invaders?

  7. Is there a thread where you can ask for friend supports? Had to start a new account some time ago, and I'm really struggling to get useful supports for the event.

  8. I honestly really love rare ships, so its always nice to see some.

  9. Honestly I didnt expect to like her character as much as I do.

  10. Love how Circe is getting more attention now! Great work OP!

  11. As someone who doesnt like chocolate at all, I have no idea what to do this splatfest.

  12. Choose based on ink color / idol / what your friends are choosing.

  13. Well thankfully I dont have any friends who play the game so thats one less option, and I kinda like all the idols so I guess I'll go with purple.

  14. Korrina. I just like how they did an interesting spin on the fighting type specialist by making them a roller skater.

  15. I really want an araquanid in my Ultra Moon nuzlocke now, I nearly forgot how awesome their concept is.

  16. Personally, I prefer Byleth. Honestly the support between them might be my favourite Byleth support, and I really like the endings they get.

  17. Honestly I really enjoyed Ermes's episode and how

  18. As someone who S-supported Lysithea and Bernadetta, this is a nice win.

  19. I prefer Atalanta Alter, she is a better option. She, Ritsuka and Jack would make a very nice family.

  20. I have been planning on playing through Alola again but as a nuzlocke. So I was wondering, between Pokemon Sun and Ultra Moon, which would be a better nuzlocke experience for someone who has already played through both once before?

  21. Honestly I really love both SM and USUM. I love the region design, and I can appreciate the attempt at doing a new spin on gyms with the trials.

  22. Honestly I'm a bit sad there isnt much fan content of this ship, I like it more than some of the others that get dozens of fan stuff daily.

  23. I know this is propably going to annoy some people, but personally I prefer everyone else in this comic over Ereshkigal.

  24. She's honestly my favourite saber class servant. Glad I got a copy of her in my new account.

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