1. I’d definitely recommend psychopath diary it filled my little hannigram loving soul would 10000% recommend.

  2. He kinda looks like a space raider 😭 I pets proffered neteyam but that’s me.

  3. Do you get headaches from all those mysterious concussions and black outs you get whenever your around Clark Kent. 🤔

  4. Kind of shows how impressive medical technology is in the Avatar universe. Three or four rifle rounds to the left upper chest/shoulder is no joke when you’re in the middle of a jungle and casevac has to wait for the battle to be over.

  5. True true, but also quaritch mentions how their naturally occurring carbon fibre bones make them very hard to kill. so the avatar body advantage definitely helped his body survive long enough for him to save it a normal human would be dead.

  6. Daryl: “Hes not Vietnamese mark , he’s Korean”

  7. Their culture and traditions would have started to mesh with the omaticaya sharing techniques. It’s sweet shows how well they integrated.

  8. Yeah as much as I hate it, he's the one I think is most likely to die. No way do they kill off another kid, and Neytiri supposedly narrates the 5th movie.

  9. I really hate the idea , I get why but avatar is jake and neytiri for me I only love these kids because they are their kids. Poor neytiri james is gonna take as much from her as possible. Sister, Father, home, people,Zeze , tsu’tey , spirit tree, her son, her mate, her position I mean this poor women.

  10. Criston is not a pedophile though, during this time it was seen as normal but yeah go on

  11. Pedophillia is pedophillia by definition regardless of the social and cultural belief at that time it’s a fact.

  12. Honestly yes tell the story and do it well don’t drain it for every penny with trash spin offs and franchises

  13. I mean I won’t walk on three drains in a row, I have no idea why but to this day I jump out of the way.

  14. He looks soo good, I never thought I’d find a WWE wrestler in a skirt and knee highs attractive

  15. would love to see it on screen and have some of the characters react to it lol

  16. Can you imagine lol jake would be like “what the fuck”, and knowing lo’ak he would go up to pet it because someone dared him too.

  17. Braids 100% I love the beads at the bottom and the way they swing and they overall suit her more and show her heritage. I can’t describe why I love them so much but definitely the braids

  18. I always wondered if Jake will outlive everyone because his Avatar is technically a new born in the first movie

  19. Yeah technical age, but I believe they fully grow the avatars in that time he is fully matured physically, they just speed it up if anything I think he would live less because of his human DNA but tbf he likely won’t live to see the end of the trilogy.

  20. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing, but I am genuinely curious considering their life span and that jakes avatar body is only 32 in twow.

  21. I mean the only reason I like lo’ak (let’s face it kids pretty annoying) is because he is jake and neytiri’s son tbh I don’t really like this but oh well what’s done has been done.

  22. Ok ? I also have a sister we chased each other with knives and threw hoovers at each other that’s life, who didn’t do the slap and fake lol he is such a drama queen but anything for the bag ig.

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