1. toptoon global isn't working for me, been trying for days. do you know if australia doesn't have access?

  2. Then you should have added a dummy option "Don't know/Don't answer".

  3. sure, I'll make one and share in dms later

  4. what code or command do you used to generated it?

  5. It's depend if your, sword is photon do optical, if it's solid sword, do physical, well you can also do weapon damage, this take effect regardless

  6. Optical does nothing on swords the swords themselves scale off Melee which we dont have a chip for that only a Gadget

  7. Well sorry about that then. I never Using Sword, the only time I used it only in Kirito mode xd

  8. I don't think you should go with sniper built until you reach level 60 or until you unlock all 4 area in the main game.

  9. BTW Both of my Weapon in that Image is having MAX stats for Memory Chip, so don't try to Exceed over that number, it's waste of money.

  10. The way it's translate just not match up with original, so it's just sound's gay but not really~

  11. Good huh.... this reminds me of that shit i read while ago Some yandere dude had crush on some girl didnt like it when she looked at anything other than him so he cut of her arms and legs then fked shit out of her and this all happend in one single page

  12. they are not yandere, they just disgusting piece of shit

  13. pure bliss of vanilla. all 4 is virgin and sole male only

  14. you should wrap it with insulator tape and consider to buy the new one.

  15. You know how bad this war is when not a single civilian screaming

  16. You have talent for real art! Not only in gore but real one

  17. Is it only me or that's 3rd picture just reference of Matou Sakura?

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