1. This is an excellent suggestion, four different outcomes to what was essentially the same childhood trauma.

  2. It’s one of my favorite movies. Rewatched recently and it still holds up very well.

  3. Omg, this was amazing! Thank you for sharing. The vid I posted also took place in England iirc.

  4. And you try again 10 minutes later and they still don't pick up..

  5. Oh my bad. I didn’t get we were looking for Apple productions, I just googled Apple + selection to see what they had. Sorry.

  6. Best thing is you can pay cash and have no record of transaction. Buy on Amazon and that record is there for any snooper to find.

  7. I get what you mean but we’re talking sex toys here not… idk, C4. I wouldn’t be too worried.

  8. I grew up in a Mormon family. They would’ve preferred if I bought C4, Imma be honest

  9. I hate that I laughed and immediately wondered if you were really serious. 🙈

  10. Warrior - It’s like Banshee and Peaky Blinders had a baby!

  11. Nooo! I wanted to see them cuddle! Still very cute tho. <3

  12. Shrinking created by Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein (both worked on Ted Lasso.) Season finale dropped today so you can binge it now.

  13. In the place where I live right now, bus drivers can not end their shifts unless they have at least two confirmed kills.

  14. She's already filling out the paperwork in her head.

  15. She’s already done filling out the paperwork in her head.

  16. Mkay… Someone tag me when y’all figure out what kinda show we’re looking for here.

  17. I do like Letterkenny, thanks for the recs!

  18. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m missing a couple and it’s been driving me mad since I hit Send. Hopefully, it’ll come back to me.

  19. I have 10 episodes of POI left and I reeeeally don’t want it to end it’s so good!

  20. I wish I could watch it all again for the first time. I miss Shaw. And Fusco. And Shaw & Fusco. And Root. Ok I miss them all. Might be time for another rewatch. xD

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