Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

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  1. It was announced a while back. But also note that there are no penalty burpees for age group and elite racers only. Open class racers are still supposed to do burpees unless directed otherwise at the race.

  2. Good job but I think it will look better from closer and prob also from the side more. Like a 3/4 back view is great. Directly behind is ok but not the best IMO.

  3. Drop ship is when you don’t have to ship the product to the customer yourself. They buy it from your website but the order goes to the fulfillment vendor and they ship directly to your customer so you don’t have to have the overhead nor will there be delivery delays from vendor shipping to you only for you to then ship to the customer.

  4. Ride more. So many posts on here like “1st day ever snowboarding. How should I improve?” And I’m just like “have you tried practice?” Like just do it more and you’ll get better.

  5. Like they said above, as far as muzzle velocity, you get most of it in the first 6” or less with .22lr, even for supersonic ammo. (Even less for subs). So it just depends on what you want to use it for. But if you want a short range plinker or like a charger build, 8-10” is plenty. And also if you get a suppressor for it then it also helps with overall length.

  6. It’s cool that they have long shelf life but not the best overall. Better off with some energy bars or similar. Or even rice krispy treats are prob a better option. In a survival situation you want carbs first and protein/fat 2nd.

  7. Ok so what is the best way to try to ensure this gets shot down? Who do we write, call, petition, or protest outside their office?

  8. It's a 205! I gotta check his stance width lol

  9. Yeah Burton makes them custom for him

  10. I’m against the ammosexual behavior from some of those on the right. If I even wanted a gun, it’d be a simple handgun and would be locked up at home for home defense only, not carried around like a toy.

  11. I hope you have time during that “home defense” situation to, under stress and urgency, enter the code to your safe, retrieve your firearm, load the mag, put the mag in the firearm and rack the slide. Because otherwise you might as well not even have it.

  12. What about homes with children? A sweet lady in my moms’ group lost her toddler when her older child was playing with a rifle kept in an unlocked closet

  13. That is a case by case basis based on the age of the children, the layout of the home etc. but DEFINITELY part of it starts with instilling a deep respect for the danger of a firearm with the kids and helping them understand that it is NOT a toy. And yes I’m saying firearm education is a thing for young ones. Show it to them. Let them touch it or hold it. But the way you talk about it should borderline made them afraid of handling it. But do let them have their curiosity about it satisfied. Otherwise if guns are shrouded in mystery, their curiosity will make them want to play with it or explore it. The parable of Adam and Eve and the “forbidden fruit” of the garden of Eden is a perfect example of human nature.(regardless of if you believe it to be made up or not)

  14. Full auto might be fun for a mag dump or two but serve no real usefulness whereas a can is much more practical, useful and popular. So give us non-NFA cans all day.

  15. There is no such thing as “remain loose”. You will do better in the race fully rested and recovered from whatever training you do to prepare. I have taken the entire week off before a race from doing any real workouts and did great. But at minimum, you should be deloading the week of and take the 48 hours before the race off. Then just do a proper warmup before the race starts and you’ll be fine.

  16. Make the country livable? Poverty creates crime. Homelessness. Ghettos. Nothing to do aside from drugs and alcohol. People are trying to break the "work till you die" cycle, let's give them something better than killing each other.

  17. Joseph… I’m from here. I’m very aware there are far too many of you out there overcompensating for things in life and/or living in a constant state of fear making you feel like you need a gun at all times. You don’t have to be so scared all the time big fella.

  18. That’s not the point at all. It’s the fact that even in very safe places anything can happen. Mass shootings aren’t just in the major cities like the one in Orlando or Las Vegas. Aurora CO is a good example. None of you had ever heard of that town before or since. Unfortunately our little state could have a mass shooting at any time, in any place. The fact that it’s a safe place allows people to let down their guard and this makes it a bigger target. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be the dude that goes down with a fight or watches their loved ones die to some psycho just because “it’s a safe place we don’t need guns”. Fuck all that. I might even be the dude that saves your soft liberal ass as well. So I hope it never happens. I hope I never have to use a firearm against another human for any reason. But if it’s me or my loved ones, or other innocent folks, or some asshole that wants to murder innocent people, I’m pulling my firearm from my waist and emptying the fuckin clip.

  19. Hey, remember that hero in Colorado who killed a mass shooter and then the cops showed up and killed the hero? Hey, remember the unarmed hero who disarmed the guy in CA last weekend and lived to tell the news about it and become a national hero?

  20. I understand that things don’t always go the way you want. You just have no way of knowing the exact situation you will be in. But I’d rather have a gun for another guy with a gun, than attempting to engage him by hand instead of (potentially) at range and from behind cover. The guy in LA got lucky, and the other guy had the misfortune of being in a town with shit cops. But also, if he hadn’t gotten shot by the cops he woulda been shot by the shooter anyway so it’s actually moot as regards your argument. Congrats, you played yourself.

  21. My guess is that they are less than 1k per unit as a 9 story building has 49 units in it. Also hilarious is that on-site parking and/or stair age is available for an additional charge. 🤣

  22. Dating for food is a real thing. I had a broad bamboozle me once. She got called out when the waitress said, "Oh hi, you again. Did you want the same drink as last time?". I'd like to think she was looking out for me. The broad tried to play it off like they knew each other.

  23. It’s called being a hobo-sexual. Dating and or fucking someone for a place to stay or for meals or other life necessities.

  24. To reduce noise pollution for both my own ears as well as the general population. The fact that they are so hard to get and so tightly regulated when a car is legally required to have a muffler shows the stupidity of the law.

  25. Lmao I'll admit I've definitely done this out of laziness

  26. Well here is your sign to never do it again. Major accidents have been caused by this and it’s entirely irresponsible to not clear off your roof. No excuse. I don’t care if it’s laziness, selfishness, or your running late. From this day forward every time you don’t clear your roof it is officially negligence.

  27. More like it will blow off ON the highway, in one giant chunk, slamming into the car behind you and damaging their car and causing an accident possibly resulting in injury or death. All because you are a lazy fucking piece of shit.

  28. Whatever works. MP-15s are the dad shoes of ARs, that’s not a bad thing.

  29. Ok just for this comment I’m going to go borrow my buddy’s MP sport 2 and take pics shooting it while wearing grass stained air monarchs.

  30. No dude they said it was a fully semi automatic assault pistol

  31. This is California, he probably would have spent time in jail for defending his own life because fuck California

  32. The current democrat president sponsored the 1994 crime bill that put more minorities in prison than any other law since Jim Crow.

  33. Tell you what, send me your address and I’ll make sure they are looked after. 🤣

  34. It's a Burton fl project 162 from 99- 2000. I had the 157, it was an amazing super light park board, but it's kinda weak. I blew out one of the edges caseing a pipe lip.

  35. Can confirm. It was the flagship board at the time. Great board but prone to breaking if you ride it as it’s meant to be. This was replaced in 2001 by the Dragon, and those used to snap a lot also. I had two of them before switching to an UnInc.

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