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  1. I really wish we got to play as Nick more, and I hate that his infection is unavoidable. He’s my favorite and I wanted to see more of him

  2. I'm legit shocked they didn't include an additional scene for Nick after his infection was cured. Nick could reunite with Jacob in the forest and the two could unpack their trauma together.

  3. They gave us one VERY short section to play as Max and they couldn’t give Nick an additional scene?🤦🏼‍♂️ Being that he killed Abi in my first playthrough, I would’ve liked to see his reaction to what he did while cursed

  4. Landon Vega and Tyler Hill🤤🤤

  5. You went to school with her and I bet u never once tried to beat her cheeks

  6. Considering that I’m gay as hell, absolutely not😂😂

  7. Artorias and Sif, because I love their story. How Artorias sacrificed himself to save her and how she defends his grave until her last breath. It’s such a tragic story but it’s my favorite out of all the games

  8. At least Tom isn’t supposed to be playing the Drake we know. He’s a younger version of him. In Drake’s Fortune, I’d say Nate is in his early 30s, late 20s at the earliest. Tom is playing Drake when he’s in his early 20s, maybe even very late teens. Would it have better for them to at least adapt, the young Nate scenes from UC3 and 4, but video games movies change stuff all the time. It just comes with the territory

  9. gonna go as rafe/my gtao character ( based him off rafe ) cool halloween outfit tho !

  10. Worth it! Out of the 3 movies in this canon so far- original, 2018, and Kills- it’s at the bottom of the list but it’s hard to top the other 2. It’s in no way a bad movie

  11. This dude has a very punchable face

  12. A civil war Assassin’s Creed really peaks my interest, and a full WWI or WWII game would also be really cool

  13. Could have been a Jericho situation and he could have lived in Donna's mind or something.

  14. I could accept that but I feel like they wouldn’t want to repeat that. Especially since that seems to be a power specific to Jericho

  15. Someone on here said that maybe that’s why the bridge crumbled. Because there was no way for him to come back and the purgatory they were in knew that. I like that explanation. Even if it’s not official, it’s my head canon.

  16. They actually makes sense. So that will also be my head canon 😂😂

  17. If this were Facebook, I’d tag “Literacy levels that match the opinion”

  18. Congrats! One of my favorites as well! How long did the plat* take you?

  19. I don’t know honestly. I was working on it off and on for probably a year. The longest parts of it are definitely completing the synthesis notes and missions in Jiminy’s Journal

  20. I lost brain cells trying to make sense of this

  21. I think I had a stroke trying to read this

  22. Anyone else read the title as Demyx from Kingdom Hearts 2 when he says “Dance water, dance”?

  23. This is hands down the most ignorant thing I’ve seen all week

  24. I say that every time she posts something new

  25. Facebook really is a breeding ground for this kind of shit and for those kinds of people. I removed myself from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a few years back and I’m never going back. Departing from that toxic scene was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my adult life.

  26. I wish I could do that but Facebook is how I keep up with friends and some family. And I’m part of some groups that are just too good to give up

  27. James Maxwell is a delicious man!🤤🤤🤤

  28. Only bad part is when they show a straight porn ad before a gay video

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