1. I am not someone that complains really ever. But this would have been a rare case where I go up and ask if this really is all there is. And if so get a refund. For $15 you deserve more than 2 slices of bread, a single egg, and a sprinkle of mushroom. They are ripping off hard here.

  2. I take 1/2 a Unisom tablet, the Doxylamine Succinate version and take a nap in a dark room.

  3. Did they back into the bridge? I can’t see how the cab got through with little damage.

  4. Those are a lot of words for saying you’d rather have a son.

  5. I love the random incorrect use of the word “nominally”. Gotta add some multisyllabic words to really sell the armchair internet intellectual farce.

  6. I was crossing in the crosswalk and had the green light. Some jerk in a car was yelling at me out of his window how I was crossing illegally because the hand on the crosswalk light wasn’t flashing. He threatened to notify the cops. I said okay and then walked to my job in traffic court.

  7. Grey rocking is a good way to deal with people who are trying to get a rise out of you. I have an friend/coworker who I do this with because she tries to get me to react, but I’ve learned not to.

  8. I’m a boomer and my parents had the same observation about my generation. I have yet to hear one generation say to the next generation that they work too much. The only advice I have is to stick with one company for awhile so you vest for a pension and use that money when you quit to start a 401 K.

  9. I would imagine there are a lot of narcissists out there. A lot of the qualities like love bombing, proving one’s point and manipulation is encouraged by society, except it’s viewed as being competitive. Also there are lots of adults whose parents weren’t emotionally present when they were kids.

  10. She played that well. Maybe that’ll teach him to mind his own business.

  11. I wonder what it looked like when they came face to face.

  12. Beige house, beige clothes beige dinner. 🤮

  13. Submissive and Breedable but doesn't want children. What

  14. Sounds rapey to me. He doesn’t want consent to impregnate her. Yuck.

  15. I hope the new owner doesn’t get burnt by the seller.

  16. I work in call center, I get it when people need to vent, I’m okay as long as people don’t get abusive. We all have moments, but we get to move on. I hope things work out for you.

  17. The morning after I am well in doubt about his fibbing about size.

  18. They usually check towards the end of month. Be careful because the fine is $172 if you’re caught without a ticket.

  19. I love Biordi. It’s a must see when you’re in North Beach.

  20. I loved these pictures. I plan to visit Istanbul, a really good transport system makes it more appealing. I always chuckle when people find out I don’t rent a car when I travel. They feel I take my life in my hands if I take public transportation, but I would take my life in my hands if I drove and tried to sight see.

  21. After she moves out, dad will wonder why she doesn’t visit him.

  22. My mil jokingly pronounced it entrapped in manure.

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