1. That’s pretty damn fast bud, my best is like 56.6mph and I thought that was fast. Way to rip!

  2. I am a MTU grad. I also want to point out that you get free lift tickets to the local hill since MTU owns it.

  3. Did 2 years at tech, came here to say this

  4. I can’t believe I’m reading this shit right now 😂

  5. Facts lmao usually don’t just try it once or do it in moderation

  6. Personally I prefer just rolling with 5 hours of sleep a night and getting both

  7. https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/managing-resources/fisheries/units

  8. Yeah moose mountain right next to the gondola!

  9. Hmm you could also check the purge valve, I know those can tick really loudly when they go even when warmed up. Just touch it lightly at first (it may be really hot) to see if the vibration from it syncs with the ticking that you hear.

  10. I will check this thank you!

  11. the hemis are filled through the pushrods... meaning when they drain back the lifters must be refilled through the pushrods... and they are pushing and releasing.. so it can take some time.

  12. My old ram did this but on my challenger it doesn’t seem to go away after warming up or driving for a while. I’m gonna get the oil changed and see what happens. Thanks everyone!

  13. Ohh eddie racy you rearry rike my pork fry rice. You fat, no more footbar for you

  14. Stumbled upon this and I’m fucking dying lmao

  15. The manufacturer of the mask actually has a 30 day mask guarantee. Your insurance does not cover a replacement within the 30 day window. The reason you can’t go to a different company and have a new mask charged to the insurance is because almost all insurance companies only cover a new headgear every 6 months, new mask every 3 months, and a new cushion every month. The fact that they won’t order you a mask covered by the 30 day guarantee is just laziness on their part as they don’t get charged for the replacement nor does your insurance. Been working in the DME business for almost a decade and I’m sorry you have to deal with a company like this giving the industry a bad reputation.

  16. and I thought I was nuts for getting an R/T at 20. Enjoy brother and be safe.

  17. Just got my R/T at 25 and love that damn thing

  18. I wish I would’ve waited til spring to buy because now I gotta look at it everyday through the rest of the winter haha

  19. The ones I had on my ram rubbed down to bear metal and started rusting.

  20. Used 2020 rt plus with performance, convenience, and technology package and the 6 speed. 4,700 miles, got it for $37000 out the door. Might be pretty high but was the best deal I could find within 500 miles of me. Flying to Ohio from wisconsin for it!

  21. Oh man, you are in for a treat driving that home. Just a heads up that there typically isn't a spare tire in the R/T packages. There's a pretty cool patch kit and compressor that comes instead. Roadside assistance isn't a bad idea if you're making long journeys. Own the road my dude!

  22. Thanks man gonna be a long week at work before I can get down there on Saturday!

  23. Damn I thought my 0.05% was nice lmao

  24. Ive got 17" rims on 33" bfg, theres a pic on my profile if youd like to check it out

  25. Also have 17 wheels with 34s on my ram with a leveling kit

  26. I have 70 000miles on my 2017 ram, only issue I had was one exhaust manifold leak so far. Sometimes it's just the way it goes.

  27. 2017 with 60k miles and also only had the manifold leak issue

  28. I don’t have to commute for work, this would be our second vehicle. Main purpose for towing our pop-up camper, fits family, and spacious cab.

  29. Picked up my 2017 Bighorn Hemi with 9k miles on it a year and a half ago $30k

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