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  1. Like literally anytime the Godfather is mentioned, you got sooo many comedians quoting that stupid line from Family Guy. Every. Time.

  2. As Dan Savage states any time there's a story of abuse in a church: "If kids got raped by clowns as often as kids get raped by preachers it would be against the law to take your kid to the circus."

  3. Nice job! What is the significance of last image?

  4. TW claimed that a South African told her that when she married H, they "were dancing in the streets like they did when Mandela was freed" lmao

  5. This should be a popular opinion. I don't know anyone who would be against this. It only seems logical.

  6. What?? Not even close. Not even slightly the same age range either lol

  7. Scenes in the morning where everyone is already dressed perfectly, there's a nice spread of food on the table, lunches are packed, and everyone is in a good mood and ready for work/school at 6:30am.

  8. This is always the answer is these threads yet it never happens as often as Reddits says it does, unless you're watching Leave it to Beaver 24/7

  9. They are such bad actors, like holy. Gives me "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!" vibes

  10. THis was staged. Who takes a photographer with her to a visit like this?

  11. What? No way, this is as authentic and candid as her reaction photo when she heard about Roe v Wade! /s

  12. ITT: no one linking shit!! Come on people, this is a thread about videos! Link them!

  13. Agreed, I am a casual true crime follower and every time I come into one of these threads I am pummeled by names I haven't heard of or have forgotten and everyone acts like it's common knowledge. Do you know how much true crime is out there??? Some of us don't know everything! Sometimes I feel like I'm out here googling every single comment, haha

  14. I know, I have YouTube open in another tab cos I have to keep searching for the videos in all the comments!

  15. As reported by PHILADELPHIA (CBS NEWS):

  16. I am so glad that genealogy and DNA testing has made it possible to identify so many unknown victims. Between The Boy in the Box, the Lady of the Dunes (Ruth Marie Terry), three of the four Bear Brook victims (Marlyse Honeychurch, Marie Vaughn, and Sarah McWaters), among I'm sure many others, I truly hope we continue to see more victims identified in the coming years.

  17. Christmas Tree Lady too. Altho I am kind of 50/50 on that one, at least her loved ones finally have closure.

  18. Cynthia Cdebaca, the grandmother who killed her son-in-law. In the footage, she's celebrating and acting like a child, especially when they tell her that her victim died. She's like "Oh goodie goodie goodie!!"

  19. Same title word for word as well. At this point we should all have our own day to repost this.

  20. I think those are pen markings to show the parts that were cut out, probably had some kind of DNA evidence on it.

  21. First time posting here and I thought I had added a link.

  22. What is with that video of her laying in the hammock with the cameraman saying "We got our first dead body!"...the report says the video was made before the attack...so wtf?

  23. The sofa… the painting behind is scary. You Op, you are stinkin cute in this pic.

  24. That's the one! Wow, some people, how do they even find this stuff?

  25. Lol he is one of my favorite painters and I love this painting in particular so I recognized it immediately.

  26. I feel like this sub keep coming up the same kind of starterpack over and over and over again, I've seen like five hundred version of this same starterpack, I think two just today alone

  27. I like the stabbing/breakup scene in the ambulance.

  28. Oh, Hilton 200%. I can’t stand the way he talks. He’s so annoying. Loved the Drapers in Rome, Betty was great. That was her last ditch effort to enjoy Don and make a good memory with him. And even on first watch, I was like - ok, nice to see someone yanking don’s chain and it’s nice to see the wheels turn as he tries to maintain his brand (in charge, tastemaker) while also appeasing.

  29. I can't understand how this person is being upvoted

  30. It's just virtue signaling. A few weeks ago it was being angry about the Dahmer Netflix show, before that the Gabby Petito movie, now its this.

  31. My boyfriend thinks the reporter will ask her about it and put her in a corner but I said I doubt that

  32. And even if they do, she'll probably "come clean" with some kind of bs answer like "the only thing I am guilty of is loving her too much"

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