1. I gotta say CrasH Talk... Q was my favorite artist at the time and every project he dropped til that point was a 9 or 10 from me and then he dropped that shit... I still don't think I've heard the whole thing even though I've tried 25 times and even tried again pretty recently but that shit just sucks!!

  2. (More of an idea for wolves execs reading this, but) Having a “supporters” section/standing general admission/student-esq section near the court would be interesting. Where people are incentivized to get there early, and encouraged to stand, chant, and get loud. Would be tough/impossible to do this mid year to move existing season ticket holders. But maybe an idea for next year.

  3. The wolves did this ~4 years ago? Just trying to get anyone in the building. The atmosphere definitely improved

  4. Start tn Lowry or Josh hart too many games today... One has to sit

  5. I have the same dilemma. Lowry has been consistently performing better than Hart. I’m choosing Lowry until either prove I should do otherwise

  6. Quick questions, i read this word before hearing it and it has forever been pronouced "tre-buckets". Anyone else have this gap?

  7. Not with this word. But it is a bane for readers. Plus it can make you sound real dumb once in a while. Like how OP reacted

  8. I like the colors and the concept. The image is pretty, nice presentation.

  9. I know they call these ‘City Editions’, but I appreciate MN sports largely not being city specific.

  10. Not saying you shouldn't feel bad for him, but D'Angelo Russell has never thought "wow, I feel so bad for

  11. Countless other organizations, basketball and other sports, 'have tough fan bases' and 'demanding media', when they hold their teams accountable. Boo once in Minnesota and you are unsupportive bad energy, and how dare you call yourself a fan.

  12. Is MMAT expected to beat earnings?

  13. I don’t believe so, unless they announce Some new contract. Which is possible, but not something I would expect

  14. I don’t think these are as bad as people make it out to be. Are they great? No. Are they horrible? No. They’re a fun alternate.

  15. I don’t think it’s so much a bad design, though it’s debatable. To me to here is no identity, history, or anything to make me connect to these jerseys. They actually stray from anything Minnesotan I can think of, outside of Riverside Plaza.

  16. Chuck D is a person that I have always respected. He is an incredible force politically. I also have had the honor to meet with him, and I did not care for him. I honestly thought he was an ass. It took me several years to realize I can love his message, but not like him

  17. Redemption is different to everyone hurt. It’s going to depend on how deep Ye cut individual family members, business partners, fans, and God.

  18. Two independent evaluation companies priced MMAT at $6.50 a share about two months ago. Since then they have fundamentally gotten better….

  19. Do those evaluation companies get an inside look at contact values, etc.?

  20. Maybe. But this is a fundamentals and growth investment, not a chart reading TA play.

  21. If there are 3-4 potential all stars on the floor and they play themselves down by 30 to a low end team, I’m sure as hell not going to chant ‘defense’ or ‘let’s go wolves’.

  22. I don’t understand that. Fans and the team both want wins, and Finch and the players have talked about how cheering helps them.

  23. I guess I don’t consider myself an active participant of the team. And I don’t feel I should have to cheer professional athletes on when they are loosing dismally.

  24. I called the Bally help line, they said they had unusually high wait times. They had a nice option to leave your number for a call back when you are at the front of the queue. Long story short they never called back and I didn’t see the game

  25. Honestly, this series was what you would expect from outsiders trying to understand a very wild scenario, with passionate people, in-depth data, and active miss information. I didn’t think it misrepresented anything, but it clearly just scratched the surface.

  26. Was at the game last night and didn't even realize he was on the floor for a solid 6 min. When the ball is not in his hand, he can just disappear. With all the talent on the team, that scares me.

  27. I had a 6 pack before I quit and was a sexy MF. After, I quick I added 40 lbs., and became super depressed shell of myself. I'm slowly getting back to where I want to be.

  28. I'm still gonna listen to his old stuff (I've never really been a big fan of anything after TLOP anyway) but, I'm not going to be paying attention to anything he says or does moving forward.

  29. Same. But I have a feeling it’s gonna be difficult not to pay attention to what he does moving forward.

  30. how the fuck did KAT fall to you outside the top ten?! Trae, okay, but KAT?! Kawhi is great value, as well as Vassel.

  31. Makes me assume your age pretty quickly no offense

  32. Why would I be offended about my age, or that you think you know my age?

  33. Really? You act like Kanye isn’t being the offensive attention seeking whore he’s always been. And I can tell you’re sensitive so I’ll just let you know I love Kanye but don’t agree with all of Kanye. But through and through Kanye has always wanted to stir the pot and be the center of attention and it has often been wayyyyy more distasteful than this.

  34. There is a limit to offensive actions I'm willing to knowingly accept from a person before I no longer support them. For me, Ye's collective actions have crossed a line in which I don't know if I can actively support new artistic endeavors, without what I perceive to be real change.

  35. Hey, this is the most genius thing Parler ever did. They took a big gamble building out of a huge piece of shit and found the perfect rube to sell it to.

  36. And selling right as Musk buys Twitter, likely inviting back Right Wingers banned from the platform, who originally ran to Parler

  37. 3rd year on sleeper. I really enjoy it.

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