1. The fact that he is being mentioned in such an obscure place, he's winning.

  2. Dragonball One piece It's too hard after that

  3. Chizuru. But specifically the low key look she has as Ichinose. I like glasses and "simpler" outfits see Flair if you don't understand

  4. I loved her in kazuyas apartment wearing the long skirt, soo feminine and adorable

  5. Chizuru has the look that can revive a dying man

  6. And also, both Cloud and Lightning are rocking similar looks. I swear Midnight Mauve and Cloud's Honeybee dress are cut from the same cloth.

  7. Lightning looks so good in that dress, I'm sure the don would've wanted her

  8. What do all bosses have in common.......they die in the end, just more reason to pick the right.

  9. If you have two characters that required two full parties to defeat that's a huge advantage. Most ff bosses have 3 or 4 forms and are basically god tier. I know the other side has Yuna, but just about every ff character can summon, the biggest threat is Lightning.

  10. I never knew that that show had plain janes. The crazy one is hot tho

  11. I don't think there is a year that can compete with 2022 for waifus. I loved them all! Just to add a name I'll say Erika Amano.

  12. I want to wake up with your ass on my face

  13. That would be an absolutely terrible ending, and one of the clearest possible signs that Mori actually did not speak with Miura about the ending, and moreso, barely understood the work. I wrote a

  14. Definitely would be a ripoff. One of the biggest reasons I started reading the manga was to get the satisfaction of Griffith paying for his atrocities. It would be really cheap to string the fan base along only to let us down, like if the one piece is friendship or the journey etc. Claymore didn't disappoint hopefully Berserk won't either.

  15. Welcome to the the strongest dark fantasy

  16. Griffith is one of the most beautiful men in all of anime even tho I hate him, no homo

  17. 2nd is cool, I hate it when anime girls cut their hair

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