1. Pay for GPT4. It answers correctly on the first go.

  2. Yeah. Programming in the next few years will become more "directing the AI what you want" instead of "writing code".

  3. I don't think you need to, it has already read the works of Jung (and pretty much any famous person you can name).

  4. Still seems like such a dumb move. Go from a recognisable name that everyone knows around the world (good or bad). To a name that, to me at least, comes across as a rubbish 3rd rate company trying to scam you. Not even .co.nz.

  5. Behold! The stupidest rebranding ever in New Zealand (though, still 1000x better than PWC consulting rebranding as MONDAY. now that was REALLY dumb)

  6. They needed to pay 10 million each year for the name. If they change the name they can save a lot of money.

  7. here’s the thing - there is actually a separate air nz space for flyers more ‘elite’ than you. maybe you should just accept your station in life.

  8. https://i.stuff.co.nz/travel/news/300654384/we-reveal-air-new-zealands-topsecret-koru-club-with-incredible-perks

  9. Thanks! Current phone is too old but I about to upgrade so I'll remember that!

  10. Or just buy a sim when you get there

  11. I’m on it. They’re on Vodafone or One as it is now. It’s 50% off at certain times of year if you can wait. Only issue I’ve had is you can’t text the 4 digit codes - eg. for competitions. And I don’t think there’s any international roaming, though someone else will be able to clarify that.

  12. What plan is that? I just had a look and seems to be $330/year for 15gb a month, currently at a discount for 231. The only thing close to 13.70 is for only 1.5gb per month.

  13. The 330 plan you mention has been discounted to 165 regularly and I would expect further such discounts later this year

  14. Fair enough, guess I should visit the site every week haha. Even at 231 it's a good deal of course.

  15. You're right, and the whole phrase taken together means determined, strong-willed, single-minded.

  16. Kogan Mobile when they have a special. $165/year for 15GB/month and unlimited call and text

  17. Should mandate that every meeting is recorded and then published to the internet

  18. In Taiwan they go one step further, the meetings are

  19. They're relying on you not doing it. Your local CAB will have a JP service.

  20. If you live in a city there will be a JP near your house. You can make an appointment to visit them at home, no need to go to any particular office. Check the JP website.

  21. Local courthouse will do it. Just go to the front/service desk & ask.

  22. If you look in the JP website there should be one within walking distance of your house if you live urbanly. No need to go all the way to a courthouse.

  23. Get a Settlement Statement from your lender, it will say how much exactly it will cost to repay the loan.

  24. Yeah. Tell the agent to take you to tribunal if they insist.

  25. For normal friends, $50+/pp if it's just finger food, $150+/pp if dinner. More if for close friends or family.

  26. Yes they can. You’ve never heard of phone companies sending their bill of $110 to debt collectors?

  27. Credit agencies are the companies that report on your credit score. They are different from debt collectors.

  28. hello, I am trying to figure out how to get chapgpt to learn a specific article or essay and then answer my prompts. Unfortunately there is a limit to how much i can paste. How do I go about it? ty

  29. Had no idea Google could do that lol. Is there anything else I could do?

  30. They probably also know half your life story too so probably will be a bit tricky to fool.

  31. So what exactly is covered in the plus plan? Asking because I was about to take the leap of faith as well.

  32. You get a faster version of v3.5(what you've been using now) and sometimes you get a little try of v4. Both of them are text only. No audio no image.

  33. Sometimes you get a "little try" of gpt-4?

  34. It’s an easy way as a landlord to get you out in situations they otherwise couldn’t. If you don’t need them as a reference then you could take them to the tribunal, but unless they’re repeat offenders why bother ?

  35. Termination without grounds. It's up to $6500 compensation, but tribunal would usually only order a third of that if no aggrevating features. It's not actually a crime though so no fines.

  36. They are not required to send you a new one as long as they sent you a formal notice (this can be an email) stating the address, date that the increase will happen and the new amount). Places like WINZ is happy with a screenshot of an email as proof of rent costs.

  37. He informed me over a phone call 2 months ago. Does that count?

  38. Nope. He needs to give you a proper notice and the rent increase starts 60 days after the proper notice has been given.

  39. Yeah I think your answer is probably the most accurate. There is a decent chance the demand for pure code monkeys decreases in the future. But even if that goes down, I could see new tech fields increasing. Like maybe tech sales/sales engineers become much more important, because you have much more powerful codebases that can do more for a greater number of people. Or maybe software devs end up getting more responsibilities heaped on them - to the point where they need to worry more about UX, QA and testing, customer satisfaction, data analysis, etc.

  40. Prompt engineering is not trival. You have skills in writing code now, it's transferrable into writing prompts. The same logic and thinking helps in both.

  41. Ask it to recommend tourist attractions that are not famous in your area. It actually worked suprisingly well.

  42. It's not open source. "OpenAI" is anything but open.

  43. You can choose for each conversation if you want to use v3-slow (ie the one available for free), v3-fast or v4.

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