1. He definitely said hella. This is the official translation.

  2. Is it possible that Hades killed Satan but Beelz is somehow alive and still wants to die?

  3. That post asking "why does look so depressed" that somehow made the front page made me laugh...

  4. The Preatorians, one of the top heroes of america that are one of the strongest around. Both are seen as heroes but are actually scumbags

  5. Fair enough, Avalon probably isn't standard. However, he absolutely does scale to Kotomine even without it, as he was using powerups too in command seals, and he fought Cursed arm without those. There's even multiple bits of the fight where you see them just throwing hands normally

  6. Take a good look at Kiritsugu vs Kotomine, Kiritsugu had to keep his distance and every time Kotomine got close he had to use Triple Accel and even then Kotomine was still close to hitting him even while time was slowed down. Theres a part where Kiritsugu used a knife and kotomine was easily blocking his hits

  7. What about the command seal he used to blitz him and hit his heart? That was clearly to get a speed advantage

  8. That wasnt a command spell being used, you said it yourself Kotomine is fast enough to keep up with Assassin class servants. He just leaped

  9. If I'm not mistaken, the purpose of Stonehenge is, to this day, highly debated but definitely not highly scientific

  10. Honestly bro does everything need to have a meaning like maybe a couple of pals thought id look like a cool place to play ultimate Tag

  11. Current Goku would go for the kill,

  12. At first i was let down that Odin wasnt this muscular threat like Zeus was because lets be honest both are the leaders and you expect Odin to be similar to Zeus, yet he looks like an old man.

  13. Two dogs that come from popular JRPGs about people summoning historical and mythological heroes.

  14. Makima could also smell Chainsaw Devils presence, she has no idea where he is

  15. Malcolm Reynolds: Both are captains of their own space ship and work as smugglers. They are charismatic gunslingers who have their own unique pistol that they use

  16. Thoughts of Chiron [Greek Mythology] as a opponent for Merlin?

  17. Extremely wise beings that are known for having divine knowledge of magic.

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