1. ..We are running out of french fries and burritos coverings, but I got a solution..

  2. So many sick people in this world smh, I feel so bad for that child.

  3. Looks like a perfect car for dirty mike and the boys

  4. Very nice! I'd put a little more high frequency on the snare to bring out that crispiness.

  5. 🎶 When there's something strange, in you're neighborhood.. 🎶

  6. Is this the house that you can see the KFC sign from the front window?

  7. He reminds me of the coach from Not Another Teen Movie

  8. Yes, it's called fighting for your life.

  9. It's amazing that people are still not convinced their getting scammed

  10. Imagine this going off on accident under the table in a meeting

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