1. No it's rare as shit. Practically a "unicorn"

  2. If you want to try some good/great stuff that you can actually find, here’s some stuff you can find easily that I think is really good. Some of these in the list (like EC Barrel Proof), have “small batch” counter parts. If you’re new and higher proofs (which has a correlation with “the burn”) aren’t for you, generally the lower proofed small batches are good as well. Also, obviously palates are different, and your tastes will be different than mine, but enough caveats for the toxic people:

  3. Very helpful bud. Thank you. I'll look out for these.

  4. OP I assume you’re a chef. I recommend trying Flambéing steaks with a peated whisky.

  5. Ouuu. I'm actually not a chef but I love to cook and have worked a few restaurants. I had a bottle of Laphroaig 10. I was gonna make a pan sauce with it but I pussied out.

  6. It's a Mizuno tanrejo 5.9 inches petty knife. It's white steel no.2. I got it at Japanese chef's knives. Really reliable site for really good knives.

  7. I bought two when I found them in an ABC store on my way to help a friend. Was going to keep one for me, sell the other to my brother in law at cost. Then I tried it. Now I’ve got one half empty and one stored for when I finish the first.

  8. Yea it's really good stuff. I wasn't really into Japanese whiskey but this made me make a watchlist

  9. If you can find Hibiki Harmony somewhere at a bar, it’s worth sampling before committing to a bottle. Especially since the price jumped so high. Almost $90 MSRP now, which is dumb. I remember arguing with myself a couple years ago about spending $55 for one. Now I regret it.

  10. Seems like all I do these days is complain about whiskey prices. I remember hibiki at sub 50 bux. That was before I started getting into Japanese whiskey.

  11. Yeah I have barely bought anything except bourbon and rye since COVID started due to the prices. I probably need to just get over it as I doubt prices ever come down. 😞 it’s a good bottle though, probably my favorite Irish though never had the pleasure of trying the red, blue, gold or some of the more expensive Redbreasts.

  12. Yea man it's wild. You can get like 2-3 bottles of pretty good rye or bourbon for the price of a non baseline scotch. I was gonna get a redbreast 12 but it comes to like 75 bux with tax. That's like a week of my food budget.

  13. Y2k style movie about how the toys become sentient and want to find each other from different parts of the world. The vagina gets used as a cup holder and she feels violated. The dick goes on a mission impossible spy quest to bust her out of a German stationary shop. And the fat bald man there doesn't want him to. He maneuvers around the fat man puts himself on maximum setting and shoves himself inside the fat man's ass to give him an earth shattering prostrate pulsing orgasm. By which he's so incapacitated that the dick toy is able to barely escape with his beloved.

  14. I just got a bottle today of the new one. Haven't opened it yet. Waiting for a particularly rainy day.

  15. A nice neat pour of some crown royal peach

  16. I would not pay more for it than what Bunnahabhain 12 single malt scotch costs in your area, as there are to my taste some similarities in their flavors - that is with comparing their respective 12 year old expressions side by side. So, I'd pay even less than that for the NAS version of Miyagikyo. Which means that $99 would be a pass for me.

  17. Ok that's actually very helpful. Bunnahabhain and Oban is next on my list for "victory drams" scotchs. My current daily drinks are Laphroaig 10 and green spot. I wish people didn't drive up the price of everything Japanese.

  18. Always wanted to try it, is it real Japanese whiskey though?

  19. Ok no. It's not really. I was incorrect. The yoichi and Miyagikio single malts are. Not the nikka from the barrel.

  20. Yes I believe it is. It's from nikka's distilleries. Yoichi and Miyagikio.

  21. Good price, good whisky, horrible bottle to pour out of

  22. So I've heard haha. I've had it from a smaller bottle never the 750.

  23. Imo didn't really like it first two drams. It's a lot of vanilla, butter cookies, with a lil bit of cinnamon and clove. I get coconut oil too. But there's this weird tannic alcohol finish even though it's 80 proof. I'm starting to like it more tho. I've been on a peaty whiskey kick so I'm gonna save it and see if I like it in the future.

  24. no idea, depends where you are. In NYC, prob not easily, maybe in staten island. Outside of NYC, i only know of Binghamton, where I saw OGD 114 years ago when I lived there.

  25. I'll def stay on the lookout for it. I'm liking bourbon less these days idk why. I'm kind of in a peated scotch phase.

  26. Bold move cotton. One of my favorite price/performance whiskeys, but it can be heavy for a beginner (says me who started with Lagavulin 16 xD)

  27. I have yet to try the 16. I'm thinking maybe a non peated scotch before I try that. Frickin love the Laphroaig so far. Only had two drams.

  28. My first peated/Islay Scotch. Was a bit much for me at the time, even on ice, but by the end of the bottle, I loved it. Tasted like smoke and iodine to me on first try.

  29. It tastes like that too me too and I don't think that's a bad thing. But more botanical. I like it a lot so far. I wanna try the cask strength one soon or the lore

  30. Looks fucking delicious. I would suggest searing it in oil first at high heat and then putting the butter in much much later.

  31. I think it's a dried drainfly maggot. We had something like those couple weeks ago.

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