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  1. Yeah, Jar Jar would make Vader spontaneously combust, the shrapnel could be quite deadly

  2. In Saw III, she was the one who got her ribs ripped out

  3. Wasn’t it Kerry who got her ribs ripped out (by a trap rigged by Amanda)?

  4. Oh Addison, my bad. She died in the Razor Box in Saw II

  5. I wasn’t even fucking in it this was on the home page

  6. Well, they saw it got zero interactions on Twitter and posted this on Reddit. Clearly Reddit worked.

  7. It really doesn’t fucking matter

  8. Neither does your comment.

  9. Seamoth (I just got the game and haven’t unlocked the prawn suit yet)

  10. Fastest hatch time after 20 minutes of gameplay

  11. Game Freak really just said “fuck you” to everyone

  12. We literally have the same opinions

  13. Loving the main series and hating Jigsaw and Spriral isn’t really an unpopular opinion

  14. Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!

  15. “My immersion! My immersion!”

  16. I’ve come to make an announcement

  17. When you outside and smell that zaza

  18. A little bit of subtlety goes a long way, James Bear

  19. The mega has ripped leggings as a design choice, we’re only partially at fault

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