1. https://giphy.com/gifs/ci07WQNl2luWuWVGeY

  2. Hm? Sorry not operating any games

  3. Oof. This response is the ultimate chop 👋

  4. Pretty much telling you get a job and put your money in a savings account provided by a bank or credit union. It’s a “safe” bet.

  5. I think it would be really shitty storytelling to just happen to have the 2 playable characters in the game be immune. Are 50% of people immune then and they just don’t know? Makes the vaccine even more pointless

  6. No, it’s already been established that there are plenty immune just like Ellie. The fireflies couldn’t find a cure. That’s why Joel took Ellie back to Jackson. He said so himself.

  7. https://giphy.com/gifs/26Ff3Ji5R1EgbgcBG

  8. Not sure why someone changed my tag to very funny. This is a deadass dead ringer.

  9. Danny got away under the radar and ended up joining the foot clan

  10. Because they usually say dumb shit. But objectively it is true that not everyone who disliked this game missed the point of it. You (not you specifically) really gonna tell me this game doesn’t have one SINGLE flaw?

  11. Their response proves the exact point you’re making. You cannot say ANYTHING about this game unless it’s “OMG IM IN LOVE WITH DINA” or “JOEL’S NOT SELFISH, HE SAVED ELLIE’S LIFE FROM THOSE EVIL FIREFLIES” or “WHEN IS IT MY TURN TO GET ELLIE’S TATTOO!? 😩”

  12. There’s a big criminal case hearing across the street, and they saw the jury members playing outside for recess earlier.

  13. Best version of myself when life aligns with what I want

  14. The cashier uses the Force to disarm him at :20.

  15. Lmao she legit is. Orchestrating the entire shit. Disarms him, summons the guy with the hairnet, then forces the interaction through the aisle.

  16. It’s those gosh darn chicken selects

  17. compound interval is just greater than 1 octave. However, you can definitely play a 9th chord with the 9th a whole tone above the root. This is because chords are technically named by stacking thirds on top of each other, so you get root, 3rd, 5th (thats your basic triad), then 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, etc. Doesn't really matter where exactly you place the additional notes, you just get different voicings of that chord, but you would still call it a 9th even if you're just playing a whole tone above the root.

  18. That’s Dana white!? Yooooooo all that wife beating catches up with you.

  19. im wondering who is a good burger reboot for if not me, a late 30s dude who grew up on kenan and kel and all that.

  20. Nah good burger was received globally after its release. That’s due to the fact that it reaches a wider demographic (e.g. black audiences and kids as you suggested) and the fact that it’s older and an element of 90s nostalgia. And Kenan is a household name all over the world due to SNL.

  21. Yeah imagine being one of the passengers without a burger.. gross man I bet its overwhelming in there.

  22. It probably smells like a Five Guys restaurant

  23. Your argument is air tight, and your ability to lay out the facts and how they pertain to OP’s correctness is quite impressive. But you failed to consider one crucial element in this complex conundrum - OP is incorrect, because I say so.

  24. https://media1.giphy.com/media/QQKbEn6oDlcQLZK6T7/200w.gif?cid=6c09b952s5ktsglvqgnu7t5ikyxxoomtn15htbdmzqa3mli3&rid=200w.gif&ct=g

  25. For future reference, you can take those off without ruining the wall. The plastic hook comes off of a plastic strip the adhesive was applied to. When the hook is off, you just have a piece of plastic, and the double sided adhesive strip. That white round piece that’s pictured behind the hook you’re holding, is the part of the adhesive strip without glue. When you take the hook off, you can grab it.

  26. Well, why don't you cry about it!

  27. Yeah because the MOC crew is too white. They are being racially discriminated against!

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