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25 yo pizza delivery man runs into burning house, saves four children who tell him another might be in the house. He goes back in, finds the girl, jumps out a window with her, and carries her to a cop who captures the moment on his bodycam

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  1. a hooker is cheaper and treats u well for 1 hour

  2. brain prefers salty, greasy, sweet foods

  3. Fleeguy12, giftyy, psyken, all three are absolute demons. I think you only watch rumbleverse YouTube correct?

  4. i ask redditors then bookmark the youtube/twitch channel

  5. why wait 2 years when they culd get it out within 1 day in a hospital?

  6. Did you edit more or did I miss all that? Either way we'll have to save the conversation of nerfing block for another time because I know the types of players you are talking about and it's probably going to take a while till everyone else discovers them too to where the topic of discussion is going to come up more often, right now I don't think people are there yet for that discussion but I definitely know it will be a topic in the future.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mDVnej-bFM

  8. Well no, the issue isn't turtles, the issue is with PRO turtles.

  9. dunno if there are rules in the big book or just common sense but there are basic things for safety reasons that shuld be kept in cars in case of accident happens on the road. so naturaly wise people keep those things in cars.

  10. memory error, hardware failure, corrupted files, data loss, etc...sg like that

  11. China has 1.4 billion people living in its borders. A singular country is not designed to house that many citizens. At least half of the population is likely homeless, Considering the US homeless population is about 18% (600,000 of 331,900,000 both of these are rough estimates) and china is only about 3% smaller, unless they’re making thousands of apartment buildings to house every single civilian, their homeless population is a lot higher, and all of those homeless people are forced to work in shitty conditions for shitty companies run by people who walk all over them. Not much different than America really, we just have less people.

  12. People are only just now starting to realize what a shitty world we’ve been living in for the past I don’t even know how long anymore.

  13. only the minority has started to realize it

  14. The Islamic Republic kills everyone. Man, woman, Kurd, Non-Kurd it doesn't matter. 3 years ago tomorrow the Islamic Republic shot down a plane and killed 176 people of all ethnicities.

  15. the truth is that western countries support the regime in iran. historicaly it is a puppet/ally in an important strategic point in the world and life is about business between countries/governments.

  16. Iran has basically made it clear they'll be murdering literally ANYONE who goes against the state.

  17. at least they do it openly and not secretly like most governments/leaders of countries in the western world

  18. For the record, they reappeared not too much later. Not sure what happened.

  19. Yeah! I desperately want more of this. Too many ppl just want to spoil others' fun.

  20. most players are psychopaths who only 3rd party/poke then run away

  21. I appreciate that advice. I’ll look them up. Although I’ve been playing videogames for 25 years, I’m pretty knew to BR, so this one going this route feels like a “first cut is the deepest scenario” I hope with updates they fix it and I can come back happy like your post suggest might happen. Definitely appreciate the game suggestions though. I will look them up!

  22. do what makes u happy without inconveniencing people/animals in ur environment

  23. This POS is on twitter and YouTube completely glorifying it. What the hell is wrong with Gen Z and this Clout Chasing Mental Illness that y’all have? You wonder why you’re all depressed and anxiety ridden.

  24. blame the education system and social media influencers/propaganda

  25. If someone pranked me so that the prank made me think I was being harmed, hurt or in danger, then whatever happens, happens.

  26. who will pay for that report button and report system?

  27. Bruh chill. It wasn’t a carefully targeted plan to attack your ego lmfao.

  28. he insulted me before under a different post

  29. society is not rewarding good people sadly

  30. we can thank our ignorant fellow humans the majority for supporting the status quo responsible for all problems in society and on Earth

  31. You do realize that you are part of the problem unless you post through the power of smug.

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