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  1. There was no need to hold that long, just drop it already

  2. I’ve put more effort into graduating high school than she did lifting that and I’m a fucking drop out.

  3. Read it in Cleveland voice for better result

  4. This has to be mega salamance, mega gardevior and primal groudon and kyogre

  5. Primal Groudon is part fire type. Why wouldn't they put fire there too?

  6. They didn't add flying and psychic too

  7. And billie elish doesn't know d/dx(xn)=nxn-1

  8. It will be d(xn)/dx.cause it can be and will be assumed that the xn is multiplied in the denominator in the above illustration of yours.

  9. For making this post, this user was banned for 6 days

  10. I didn't mean you missed me last time. I got in. I just mean, if you see this before you raid, I'd like in again :)

  11. Y'all still ask for the proof that there is no god?

  12. I spend my 13 hours a day in the corner under lamp reading pdfs and solving them

  13. I see that you’re disciplined, you have my respect👏🏻 Go ace your papers🫶🏻

  14. Jokes aside, sir ke struggle phase ki bhot izzat karta hu

  15. Wow, you took the screenshot of the catch screen when the stardust counter was at the same number as its CP!

  16. Help in understanding inter stellar travel

  17. Will help one day in progressing humanity being a multi planetary system

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