1. Just buy a Miller multimatic, it does stick, mig, and tig

  2. Go for it, loos like you’re ready, I hear the Miller multimatic is nice.

  3. I can’t on Sunday either but since school holidays is starting have lots of days available

  4. Ok I’ll let you know when I’m ok to pick up iv got some scrap jobs on so maby worst case scenario 5-6 days

  5. Expanding grout will do the job. Rent an air drill and make a pattern of 1 1/2" holes. An electric SDS MAX will also do the job, just slower.

  6. The easiest (and the cheapest) solution - is to get a proper 3-phase power line in your house.

  7. Because I’m in the outback the power Lines are single phase and to expensive to get the government to put a transfer in

  8. Check the specs of your welder - maybe there is a single-phase option available inside, some of them do have it. If not - find out if it can work from a square-wave (or "modified sine") input - if not it will be better to sell it to buy a single-phase welder. You can call the manufacturer's support to ask for their opinion on that, maybe they can give you some advice or a well-known solution for this problem.

  9. I’m making a generator of off the PTO of the tractor and will try to make it make 3 phase

  10. Splice 3 plugs onto the lead and plug it into 3 outlets.

  11. I tried it on a different toot and it cinda worked

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