1. Yes, all you need to do to date them is cut them in half and count the rings.

  2. If Santa was real he would definitely love up in Lapland with all the reindeer

  3. This is a poll about race, not halle berry, otherwise it would have the option like "choose different actor"

  4. I would say that this is the least creative collection of concepts I’ve seen on this sub. The AIs played it pretty straight this time.

  5. I don’t disagree. It took many tries using a wide range of modifiers to even get these ones and most results were simply plain old thongless werewolves.

  6. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the governing body of men's soccer in the US, today announced the creation of a special investigation to determine the exact impact of the pride flag on the team's recent early exit from the World Cup tournament.

  7. i like dream ai , but i hate its stupid frame , why dont you just crop it?

  8. Because I can’t be bothered to open up photoshop to crop a bunch of images each time.

  9. Can you help because I'm confused. You've described this as smoked, but talk about a bbq @ 300-350f and a total cook time of around 45 mins. Surely, if it was smoked, it would take at least several hours to cook and the temperature would be lower?

  10. Sorry, yes! I suppose it depends on the goal. My goal for this was still a roasted joint of meat finished to medium rare - medium internal with some extra flavour from the applewood added to the coals.

  11. I used to be a teacher and worked my way up to be the principal of the school, then I quit while I was a Head.

  12. Train beer eh? I was on a train once and there was a group of Scandinavian rockers and teddy boys in the carriage behaving badly and shouting at other passengers in a very rude manner. One of them said something to the biggest of the bunch, a huge guy in full teddy boy regalia and he replied (in English) “Ok, Olf get beer!” and the others laughed as he strode off down the carriage. He returned a bit later with a pile of cans and put them down on the table. Opening one, he sat back and took a huge swig, then spurted it out in a spray over his mates. Apparently, rude Olf the ted loathes train beer.

  13. I also went through this exact same situation with them. I ended up posting a rant on the VM Forum and was very quickly contacted by one of their team who got the problem resolved for me within a week. YMMV but after wasting so much time on useless phone calls and emails, that public bit of grumbling did the trick. Good luck mate!

  14. It’s funny how Starry made just about the same thing twice.

  15. Actually, the second of those two images was created first and I evolved it, and the other was born.

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