1. If you have the budget (and big enough cauldron) an ADJ Fog Fury set to red looks great with rapid disapating fog

  2. Thinking of painting a wooden high school stage black because lighting currently bounces everywhere. Is there a recommended paint for stages?

  3. Not sure what ocsrouter is, but can the element send native OSC messages to qlab? I know the other eos consoles can. If you only need specific cues from the element to trigger qlab cues, you can add a string to the specific cues in the element and have qlab listen for that string as a discrete cue trigger in qlab. ETC has a show control section in the manual that covers that

  4. I’ve found it much easier to use QLab as the OSC triggering source. The overall workflow is better, especially during tech week.

  5. UPDATE: This was not the answer I wanted, but it was in fact, the answer I needed. Great article here:

  6. It told me I had to activate through the PDM to start, even though now I only use the android app. I did this, but not sure if it was necessary.

  7. Professional magician. Lack of a regular schedule, long car travel, and performance adrenaline make diabetes management hard! Do not recommend! Lol.

  8. Yes, that red line. I should have clarified, I meant those gray little dots

  9. Supposedly insulin sensitivity at the injection site starts to drop off after 72 hours. I have noticed this and bump up my bolus a bit.

  10. UPDATE: I have isolated the audio source to the front-of-stage mic inputs. If their levels are down, no hum! Based on responses, assuming (and hoping) it's a power cable running parallel to those lines. I will investigate! And if it helps, there is only hum when levels are changing. Static cues of any intensity produce zero hum. Thank you all. New to this group, and you all seem awesome!

  11. Starting late is to your advantage. If you're 13 and only hang around magicians, you'll probably never develop the social skills, theatrics, and personal style required to be a working professional.

  12. "Turn the volume to 0" is now interpreted as "Turn the volume two zero" (20). For the love of God....

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