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  1. Tell me how many of these "mass shootings" are gang related. When you account for suicide, self defense/justified homicides, and accidents, you're left with about ~16k homicides by guns annually in this country. Additionally, out of the ~16k, you're left with many of those who are committed by individuals who are gang affiliated or intent on committing suicide and want to just take other people out with themselves.

  2. "Here ignore all these things that I find inconvenient to the argument I'm trying to make so that I can arrive to my made up statistic." You're clown shoes, my dude.

  3. What did I say to ignore? The vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated by people who are in violation of one or more gun control measures that are already in place. If gun control measures work, why aren't they stopping people from committing violence with guns? Because the people committing the violence with guns don't care about the laws against doing so. This isn't a matter of legislation. You can't legislate morality.

  4. We're not talking about legislation and morality. We're talking about the number of people killed in this country by guns. You don't seem to wanna acknowledge it's a problem that, despite everything, we are number two in the world for gun deaths. The US is an anomaly among developed nations. It's a fucking problem.

  5. No, some beliefs are dangerous and it is good and right to mock them mercilessly.

  6. Everyone's missing the point. They did this so a few months from now they can sell you the 'Rogal Dorn Upgrade Sprue' for $29.95.

  7. Young Nihil comes back... full Satanic Panic album drops...

  8. Preordered the new daemon prince already but def. picking up the combat patrol when it drops. Then one or two eightbound and Angron. RIP wallet.

  9. Get a bottle of Pro Acryl Bold Titanium White. Absolute game changer.

  10. Piling on. Pro Acryls light colors are so nice.

  11. World Eaters will get a Compbat Patrol like all other 9th edition armies, but there won't be an Army Set like there was for Votann and Guard for example. Daemon Prince will be playable in the book, and the new model is up for preorder next weekend, Chaos Space Marine Terminators and Chaos Spawns will also be used in the codex. If you want something big, Khorne Lord of Skulls is going to be in the codex. Besides those, Kharn the Betrayer and Master of Executions will also be in the Codex, but that is it from the current range.

  12. Why is there a sense they won't do an army box? GW seems to be going absolutely box crazy right now. Plus last big faction releases, Slaves, Votann, Guard, all got the box treatment. Just genuinely curious as I've seen a lot of people saying this.

  13. Micro Mark has all kinds of cool stuff. I've been eyeballing a drying chamber for a while.

  14. Right with the power of a thousand suns.

  15. Looks like you overthinned, I think.

  16. Ari is hot AF but Miu basically did nothing all stream. ๐Ÿ˜”

  17. Ya, I enjoy them too but the prices are too high. The materials and workmanship aren't high enough to justify pricing. Tech has gotten better and new plastic kits are pretty great but some of those old models that are full of bad flash, mold lines, and huge gaps are embarrassing for the price.

  18. So was dahmer and stalin? Im sorry picking this out for a fight is just stupid and your argument holds no water....like end nazis...but this was clearly a joke poking fun at them and your attacking him flr doing what you do....granted it was stupid but why are you attacking him for making fun of them....like....its hard to gain supporters when your at everyones throats.

  19. How is this poking fun? How? Explain that for me. If your idea of fun is dressing up like a genocidal maniac then you deserve the curb stomp coming to you. Get the fuck out with that enlightened centrist moron take.

  20. Impera is an amazing album, tho.

  21. IMO, Tamiya and Mr. Hobby are vastly superior to pretty much anything marketed for miniatures. The cans are smaller but they seem to go further. The spray is finer and applies and levels incredibly well. It's less prone to webbing and gooping up, too.

  22. Those look great but, man, that resin is pricey. Did you find it that much better than other brands?

  23. Really nice. I prefer these to the GW ones.

  24. Seconded. I'd be on board for anything Gitzy.

  25. I've done plenty of modeling but just got into minis. I don't understand how GW justifies their pricing. Their tech isn't on the same level as other model makers that ship better quality, more plastic, at much more reasonable prices. That's number one.

  26. Looking good! What printer? I'm on the cusp of buying one myself.

  27. Mars 3 with a Mercury wash and cure station. Got it in a bundle on sale a month or so ago. Iโ€™ve had an FDM printer for a while but the MSLA quality is in another league.

  28. Very nice! I pulled the trigger on a Photon Mono 4k today with the Mercury. Happy printing!

  29. Only thing lacking here is the photo itself. Try grabbing an app that allows manual focus and you can get solid macro shots with most phones, at least for minis.

  30. Pretty nice! Keep on painting and improving, I'm on the same journey! P.d.: moons or suns?

  31. Sunz all the way. Can't wait to work on some vehicles.

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