He waddle (oc)

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  1. Your art style is incredible! It fits the opal style so well!!!!

  2. Please, for the love of fuck, make more. I desire these more than life itself

  3. Personally, I like red guy but that might be because he feels the most relatable

  4. I love the fact that you can still tell who it is!

  5. Omg congrats, I love that hat so much! I saw it in the stores and fell inlove with it!!! Great job!

  6. Azeriphel! Based off of good omens, the baby already looks like an angel

  7. Oh my god I love your style so much it’s so funky :0000

  8. Ignoring the obvious, that guy in the left hand corner looks so traumatized by this shit. I would be too tbh

  9. Pussys are stronger, they can take a beating Dick are weaker, one hit and your down

  10. Just becsuse paper defeats rock and scissors beat paper doesn't mean scissors beat rock

  11. That thing is cute! Maybe if you remove some black pixels on the left eye and on the left side of his back that would look even nicer.

  12. Huh, sure I can try that, THANK YOU!

  13. Things that need to be changed (in my opinion): Layers, more than 1 undo Better brushes

  14. Honestly, bigger eyes always give the illusion of a young child, maybe try that!

  15. I love how he inches twords the screen aching to watch more

  16. Bro iv got the same glasses, and the same morph of snake, we are brothers

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