1. Depends on what you do for work. They are all pretty small format tools good for working on gadgets or small electrical equipment. As an audio engineer I keep mine in my everyday bag but might be less useful to a plumber or mechanic.

  2. I’m a machinist, I burn through torx and Allen keys to the point that I just classify them as consumables and replace them often. It’s due to coworkers feeling the need to over tighten everything, so every thing is stripped.

  3. Years ago, I worked with a guy that overtightened every fastener that he touched. He'd see an M2 threaded into an aluminum casting and try to tighten it like it was a head bolt on a bulldozer. He was the owner's brother in law, so they wouldn't fire him. We had another guy who spent half his time fixing the things the first guy broke, drilling out screws and putting in inserts and such. He just could not or would not learn.

  4. Hand tight + 1/4 turn unless specified has always served me well.

  5. A rinsed out pudding cup with plastic wrap covering the top.

  6. Christopher Lloyd as the judge is still one of the most terrifying performances I've ever seen as a child. The scene with the shoe, and the big reveal at the end are just fantastic what a great movie.

  7. I’m melting I’m melting what a world what a world… haven’t watched that movie in over 20 years and that scene still sticks with me.

  8. You can also find out his favourite character and get him it as a funko pop, most of the common pops are under $15-20 and they make lots of them, from Assaultitrons to vault dwellers.

  9. I picked up my 50vats back when they were only 33vats, I was happy back then and haven’t bothered looking for an upgrade or anything. I actually haven’t played with a rap weapon, I dunno how much ap it even replenishes with each kill, but I bet it has benefits like in daily ops where ap would be more important the hit chance as most ops are close quarters anyways.

  10. I have to admit I have no idea what’s on the scoreboard- I’ve never known so it’s always full of surprises! (Too lazy to find out…)

  11. I took a quick look and some of the stuff looks pretty cool.

  12. Yikes, are dispensaries that pricey where you’re at? An O of mid grade is around $80 at my local.

  13. When I play the event, I'm the guy who gathers the ore. I know it's missing out on XP, but I'm doing it for the entire group

  14. My first character doesn’t use PA or the CSS or anything so I don’t run ore. But when I made a second character I forced myself to use PA and will always run ore on that toon.

  15. But think of all the sweet sweet floor snacks they get as compensation.

  16. I could feed an extra dog with all the scraps and leftovers that 'accidently' end up on the floor, let alone the actual dog food that gets fed directly to the dog outside of feeding time...

  17. I never realized how messy my daughter was until the family dog passed away earlier this year

  18. I have yet to turn in a map on my main character. I’ve got thousands of maps in my inventory that I’ve yet to do anything with. They don’t weigh anything so I’m in no hurry.

  19. I wish everyone could think like this and actually explore the game and realise rap25 and 50h25 are just as good as 50c25 and 2525! It’s unfortunate that there are too many people that just accept what they hear from YouTube lol

  20. Love my 50vats hit chance as a daily use weapon, saves on ammo when you’re actually hitting the target.

  21. I'd agree... if we ever stopped to pee. Anywhere.

  22. You do suffer from water loss due to dysentery…. So at some points we are expelling fluids in a bad way.

  23. A couple years ago I bought a projector light that shines basic red and green lights that slowly move. It was $8 on clearance, takes me all of 5 mins to set up and take down. I’ll never go back to string lights ever again.

  24. Ugh giving me ptsd flashbacks to when I worked a Walmart

  25. I worked retail nearly 20 years ago and still can’t stand Christmas carols. I will only stomach them for the week of Christmas now.

  26. If you notice most stores don't play Christmas songs consecutively. Studies have found if they do it cause aggressive behavior.

  27. Back when I worked retail, you could set your watch by listening to the music over Christmas. Little drummer boy followed by frosty the snow man… oh it’s 10:15 time for my break.

  28. So you don’t mooch off the FO1st subscribers and use their Survival Tents nearby to un-scrap? lol

  29. We let Santa exist, my daughter(4yo) loves the idea of Santa and is really excited to see him at the parade we are going to tonight. On Christmas she will get a gift from Santa, but it won’t be anything extravagant maybe an outfit for her Barbie. We won’t do expensive Santa gifts because some families can’t afford it and it wouldn’t be fair for Santa to bring her a doll house and her friend some socks. We don’t force the idea on her and will generally let what happens happen when it comes to when she stops believing.

  30. It surely is, I scrapped up enough atoms and bought it last night.

  31. Hilarious that I get downvoted meanwhile other people in this comment section are telling OP to go for the peg warming waves.

  32. The local stores where I’m living, you wouldn’t even see Greef on sale even though he’s about 60% of the stock he still retails at +$20. I wanna say I saw him at GameStop for $28 the other day.

  33. I don’t think anyone knows how to use kings, it’s caravan.

  34. It can be done, you can even solo the group content (fighting earle or the queen) if you spend time perfecting your build/gear/buffs. I’ve played primarily solo for almost 4 years, teaming up with random groups for daily ops or group events. But I’ve mostly wondered around doing my own thing for 1500hrs.

  35. I’m curious what would happen when the wild life growing inside starts pouring outside

  36. I think it's just sort of a worldbuilding thing that doesn't receive an explanation. Since he runs an Italian restaurant, I think it's cute that he calls one of his sons "Pepper". Maybe Andy and Ollie's real names are Anchovy and Olive.

  37. Taking the CNC offline and changing the tooling over to what works better with copper and brass is.

  38. Machinist checking in here, we use all the same tooling for aluminum and brass and such, it’s all programming different feeds, speeds and depth of cut for the new material. Plus a competent operator can do a complete change out in under 30mins.

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