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  1. Thank you. It's funny I was downvoted for not knowing that. What nerds some of these folks are lol

  2. As far as I have heard it's still the best one for around a hundred bucks

  3. Thanks for replying. I went ahead and pulled the trigger late last night. It'll be here tomorrow.

  4. I don't want to smell it. I want to get in, get out, and get home. I'll smell it then.

  5. It’s great. I think I slept on this strain.

  6. I'll give it a try if I ever see it in my area

  7. Sheesh, absolutely CAKED in trichomes. Beautiful.

  8. it's really nice. Almost broke out the light box to take a better photo. Probably should had lol

  9. Not one of the options but Dirty Little secret is a very nice one I recently picked up. Just posted a photo of it.

  10. I’ve never seen flower in real life, but from all the pics I’ve seen on this sub, this looks awful.

  11. Its probably a seasonal thing, everyones competing to make sales before the end of the year.

  12. nah I think it was only because they just bought Strawberry Fields out and while I don't know how all SFs were, the one I am talking about was practically dead. The 30% off deals all the time changed that.

  13. I think so too. I'm totally dissapointed. And they are breaking it easy by not showing the whole month

  14. I was loving that 30% and know that it brought in a ton of customers. I knew multiple seniors driving an hour to the one I go to just to save a few bucks. To be frank, if 20% is the number might as well hit up other dispensaries

  15. Don’t like their carts at all and double don’t like them in the glass cart.

  16. I like their carts overall and them as a company. I hate these glass tips though.

  17. must have been let your child do your job day over there at printful

  18. What were they for? Were you going to be an abusive bitch?

  19. I meant to be sarcastic. Poor execution on my part. I think it's safe to say there will be a LOP or two filed just out of spite if nothing else lol

  20. Tell Discord I said hi and I love them

  21. It appears that perhaps Etsy got rid of slimeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycunt at some point

  22. Never buy 510 threads from GO. Love their luster pods but their liquid is to thick for the 510 carts and it ends up getting burnt and weird tasting.

  23. explains why not only the black jacks were a pita to get going at first, but the layer cake carts did too

  24. Id say BJ is maybe one of their less favorable strains. Should taste earthy and woody with scent of pine

  25. The flower was pretty good. These carts are very off. I planned to shoot them an email, but got busy

  26. Dumb yep! But I can see this Don’t get me wrong. Doge is made to stay cheap. Not like bitcoin. Bitcoin will hit a million by 2030

  27. Lemon Dosidos is my overall favorite of the program

  28. That's when I went too.. they had it ready and with my Pre-order.. kinda confused on why I got it? lol but I'm not complaining at all

  29. I bet it's completely random. When I got the free vape pen I didn't see anyone else mention getting one.

  30. Probably so.. Hope I get a Peak Pro on some random shit next time lol..

  31. Need a veriheal referral let me know they'll approve you lol

  32. Whoever decided to take advantage of all the rumors over the years about stuff from Meigs and create the company with that name made a great play.

  33. believe the twistdispensers by diamond are made with single passed c02 distillate and subcritical sauce and terpenes. The Dablicator from ancient roots is solventless. They can be used pretty much the same way though. You could dab, eat, fill carts, etc.

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