1. So? Bruh? He doesn't pick and choose his audience. You could even go bruh..

  2. Taking out people who groan, is quite literally picking his own audience.

  3. Three Dog should've been on the Prydwin as part of the BoS outreach effort and added a new radio station that goes silent when/if you blow it up.

  4. Cudahy, Rancho Dominguez, Pico Rivera, Sylmar aren't that expensive.

  5. Lol get the fuck out of here with this “not that expensive” shit when you make more money than 90% of the city.

  6. The metro board includes all five County supervisors. If they vote to get rid of the $200M contract, then LAPD or LASD is likely to retaliate and start pulling shit elsewhere to to make their lives (and all our lives) miserable, including by doing even less work and running ads against them saying they "defunded" them and are soft on crime, etc.

  7. It's so fucking ridiculous that just about every single civil expenditure has to be essentially be laundered through the LAPD to become a slush fund for them to raid.

  8. Isn’t the Vox populi a very accurate portrayal of what happens to a lot of revolutionary movements? What’s wrong with that nuance?

  9. It's "cringey and weird" that a restaurant offering southern-style cooking would suggest that their recipes came from a southern woman? How many other brands have conjured up similar backstories behind the inception of their products? I'm guessing many...

  10. What if the fictional character was a German immigrant, or a French Creole women from the swamp lands, would you still be this upset? My bet is that the answer would be "no," but because it's a black person, you're drawing a mysterious straight line to racism, which is absurd, and also an attempt of character assassination of both the restaurant founders and the company, shame on you. Stop looking for racism where it doesn't exist!

  11. It sounds like South of North America has (had?) a religious extremism problem. So that’s a basically dogmatic irrational culture.

  12. If you didnt’t go boom then its not the right pronunciation

  13. Axel would sooner burn his own brother alive before risking himself.

  14. Some say that Volantis is an India-parallel in Asoiaf with Volantis having two political parties called "elephants" and "tigers", having very hot and stiffling weather, having a festival around a river and moving from one place to another on elephants. The Volantene nobles have Valyrian genes and are proud of their Valyrian ancestry but the description of the above is pretty South Asian compared to other places. I really like the Great Moraq parallel, i haven't thought of it that way before. It sort of makes sense, especially with Yi Ti and Leng probably being inspired by China/Japan.

  15. Eh, I always saw Volantis as Instanbul since they had Blues vs Greens as their political parties and served as the last “ember” of a former empire (Valyria/Roman Empire)

  16. nah,, cal should reunite with all the other registered sex offenders in jail

  17. If all of us were into the party scene I would believe you but majority of my friends are not party people. Most of my friend are gamers and homebodies. I live in Texas and I feel like it’s spreading everywhere is because even my friends in New York and Maine are using it.

  18. No problem, hope your friends get the help they need.

  19. You have to allow them to get sober on their own, at best offer them the phone line for a local rehab referral service (Usually its called a CENS line or a Client Engagement and Navigation Services) and leave it at that.

  20. Yeah don't listen to this sub, no one here has sex nor interacts with people enough to know anything about interpersonal relations

  21. Where are some of the folks that claim, “I rode X line today and it was fine?”

  22. I take the Blue Line and have been since 2012 pretty frequently and basically nothing happens

  23. They're California Poppies or Eschscholzia californica which are non-intoxicant.

  24. I like my son's Charter School. I had him in Private and then switched him to Charter. It's been great. Our public school didn't measure up. Too crowded.

  25. Protest has lost its edge since 2016. A media campaign or political strategy would be more effective. Plus people should stop trying to approach it from the human angle and make it more about if the government has a right to interfere like they have. America has already proven time and time again that trying to get people to empathize has diminishing returns. Time to aim for logic.

  26. misogynist crap pontificating about how if female scientists instead spent their lives birthing (boys only, of course) on the off chance that they might all become scientists instead, more science would clearly get done. 🙄

  27. It also ignores that those 5 guys probably learned all their scientific knowledge from the woman on the left lol.

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