1. i have this problem bad. i'm not exactly photogenic, but my photos look pretty and sexy, whilst i'm deformed and ugly in person. it's cos i have a normal face, and know how to pose my body, what to hide, what angle to take the photo from, all to trick the camera into me looking normal/attractive. i do not edit pics to make me look better, but i might as well do since the difference between photos and reality is that huge.

  2. Don't even dare point this out to a thin person. They will talk about how they were skinny shamed and told to eat a burger. And then call you a fat jealous bitch in the same sentence lol

  3. i've had skinny people tell me how horrible it is when people say something about their weight. and i've sat there like "oh, uh-huh, yeah that must be horrible, how do you cope..."

  4. The thing is...it's not really about their weight. Not truly. Like most of the time when I get into discussions with people about how they were "skinny shamed" they talk about how they were bullied for their looks in general. Like not having boobs or an ass. Or not having curves. That has nothing to do with weight. Fat people have can no ass. Fat women can have small boobs. They were bullied...yes for the same beauty standards that we all exist in. But it's not comparable to being bullied for being fat. Like it becomes so dehumanizing. Thin women who have the privilege of being thin but don't exactly hit all the beauty standards to be considered conventionally pretty sit in this awkward in between. And most of the time will always be stuck in their own privilege.

  5. the actual shaming is different too. ive not ever seen someone be skinny shamed in a way that was dehumanizing at all. it's always in the form of wanting them to be healthier (which does not make the shaming okay). whilst with fat people we're called whales, joked about like we're not people, laughed at, literally told what we can and cant do. it isnt the same.

  6. you're so so strong for trying to do what you love. i'm sorry the world is like this.

  7. i envy attractive girls so fucking much. it's actually a pretty severe issue. like, i have intense hatred of people i dont know at all, just because they're pretty. i'm trying to work on it. but it's really hard not to have this hatred, especially when the world keeps on and on showing me that i will always be a second class hardly even human nothing, whilst treating the pretty ones like they can do no wrong.

  8. Depends on the cheese. Cottage cheese is pretty objectively healthy. You can’t compare literal position to cheese, that’s crazy hyperbolic. Cheese is just a bunch of fats and proteins. Some (casein, whey) are great for muscle building.

  9. it's great for growing a baby cow into a big cow, that's what it's great for. literally nothing it offers nutritiously cant be consumed healthier elsewhere.

  10. Let’s not move goalposts now. All I was tryna say is calling all dairy unhealthy was objectively wrong. Idk what you mean by “healthier”, whey is pretty dang beneficial nutritionally.

  11. dairy is in no way healthy unless you're hungry and there's no other food. end of conversation, g. i wont have misinformation on this sub.

  12. Thanks for asking this question and then blocking me before I could answer.

  13. looksmatch isnt a thing anyone can work out, it's all subjective and dependent on the specific person

  14. i shade with dark colours on multiply, maybe im doing it too dark 😭😭😭 im not confident shading when its too colourful for some reason

  15. "offer girls from poor countries money and education for sex" 💀💀💀 bro

  16. i swear if these people knew more about abortion they maybe wouldnt be so against it. like, it feels like most of them for real think it's a fully formed looking baby that just gets taken out.

  17. something i've known my entire life is that no one will take me seriously because it's simply funny to them to see an ugly person so angry.

  18. i'm deformed, ugly, and pretty fat, so i'm gonna stick out anyways. i might as well dress however i want.

  19. Yess he’s supposed to come over with the pet.. that’s weird ???

  20. ive also got a notification about a convo that ended like 3 days ago stuck at the top of the screen, something tells me the game is just being weirddddddd

  21. When the evaluation guy comes over with the pet click on the pet and it will give you the option to adopt.

  22. he's meant to bring the pet??? he's just been coming over without it and hanging out

  23. dunno bout everybody else but I'm usually down to fuck someone if we cuddling

  24. I get absolutely nothing out of cuddling, but do it anyway in the chance for sex. There's literally nothing else I gain from the experience.

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