1. If you're talking about the old, old website it is indeed the same... Like 1999ish I remember downloading drivers or something from them fairly often. It's changed hands so much over the last years. I think one of the creators died in a fire.

  2. My favorite thing about the downloads website is how they have MSN Messenger as their fourth top messaging app even though it was discontinued a decade ago. Wonder who still uses it.

  3. Because I am subbed to and participate occasionally in this sub, I constantly get

  4. You can mute it if you have the Reddit app

  5. If I wanted to talk about south Asian politics Id go to

  6. I wonder why he hasn’t been expelled from UCSD when he’s done the shit he’s done and his family isn’t rich enough to bribe UCSD (his family is rich but not millionaire rich)

  7. I’m in Ontario Canada, prices are coming down a bit but interest rates are getting higher by the month. To be honest I’ve been burnt out by the house hunt and thought I might as well have some fun while I wait for prices to come down

  8. Aren’t houses like one or two million dollars basically anywhere from Toronto to 100 miles away from the gta?

  9. Why doesn’t he know what prostitution is?

  10. Just realized this but they copied the Tesla Model S steering wheel lol

  11. You’ll learn real quick, people on Reddit LOVE to bitch about anything that isn’t a 1999 or older. These people aren’t the market. BMW is doing great things and the sales and consumer reports show.

  12. This is false - a poll I posted showed that 2000s era Bimmers were the most liked with 2010s era Bimmers being in second.

  13. idk, I guess some people don't want to drive what looks like a half melted Hersey bar with buck teeth.

  14. At least the bar tastes good.

  15. I thought this was some independent model not something commissioned directly from bmw

  16. Well they’d be arrested for assault and battery and be jailed so no.

  17. Hopefully he gets sent to the slammer like Tate

  18. Well since nothing has happened yet business as usual unless he sent inappropriate messages to minors which haven’t been found out yet. I can’t wait to see him apply to med school

  19. No I don’t agree with hypocrites who fail to pay their taxes.

  20. What people actually believe that Tabby is wholesome unironically lmao Never thought I’d see the day.

  21. It makes me wonder, is it possible to have a nation in vic2 with literally 0 inhabitants?

  22. I had a country in a Cold War game have zero people and while it was displayed as 1 it had nothing with nonexistent rebels occupying it

  23. Where is the link to the live stream?

  24. He looks like some dumb kid trying to act cool

  25. Honestly, the fact that a guy like him got bullied is a sad reflection on our society. If he isn’t considered at least an 8.5-9 out of 10, then what is? This is about as cute as someone can get for an Indian, so idk why he was bullied. People need to grow up and stop being so racist

  26. Many people here are Indian

  27. jealous of being a sex pest and being creepy, yes.

  28. What the fuck did I just listen?

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