1. Maybe to some Caribbean med school

  2. What would you do if your father cut you off? Genuinely asking.

  3. There are plenty; you gotta know the local community first but you sound creepy for some reason.

  4. I know Avaneesh's brother. Because he is still a minor, I won't reveal his name(I'll call him X from here on out). However X refuses to talk about Avaneesh and refuses to acknowledge his older brother's existance. They call each other occasionally, but X never misses a chance to shit on his older brother, saying he'll never be like him, that Avaneesh is a dumbass, etc. But X isn't perfect, he has a yelling problem, is very aggressive and cusses at his parents(Although you can chalk this up to him just being a teenage boy). X's parents don't care because well, there is no was X can turn out worse than Avaneesh. X isn't on Tiktok, and he started meditating. I think he has a pretty bright future, if he doesn't fuck up.

  5. I defend everything he does but I’m not him. Trust me bro.

  6. My family lived in Oklahoma so I clicked on that.

  7. I was talking to my father about this and he mentioned like 20 years ago that there were like 50-100 Indian families that knew each other in Oklahoma or at least in Tulsa.

  8. Not a Brit but the Tories have been in power for the past 12 years and Cameron’s legacy in the Tories is making the parliamentary caucus more diverse with him trying to get more BAME MPs which shows.

  9. His name is Hansen Clarke, not very desi sounding name and he only won because the person who he defeated’s son was a disaster as Mayor of Detroit and Clarke was defeated in a primary in 2012 due to redistributing.

  10. mbp14. it's on sale about 400$ off right now too. best screen, speakers, actual ports. it's a big chonky though compared to the 13.

  11. i gotta warn you on the gaming aspect of it, it's an m1 chip so gaming is limited. they just put out resident evil village though and looks like its running quite nicely for people. shouldn't be getting a mac to game on anyways IMO.

  12. Yeah fair enough. Tbh if it runs GTA 5 even on low settings then I’m fine with it.

  13. I think Elon Musk is a sociopath but good riddance to Agrawal - someone far richer than the rest of us and someone who doesn’t care about free speech. The sooner twitter is destroyed the better because it is a toxic hellhole.

  14. As someone who is in that age range, what he said is true. Girls with bible quotes on their profiles posting pictures of themselves wearing a bikini while at the beach.

  15. What can we who live in Canada do about this? Genuinely asking.

  16. The Tories and Poilievre want more immigration.

  17. Can we deport all of these idiots to where they come from instead of letting them do shit like this and swordfighting?

  18. Doesn't look like it's running very well at the moment but, yeah, I have friends who live there that are utterly convinced that the Prime Minister is basically a tool for the royal family.

  19. lol, the royal family has had zero influence for a while. iirc Charles is a left winger privately.

  20. Rishi will be used as a scapegoat when the party losses.

  21. Well he willingly wants to be PM so I don’t see any problem since he is fine leading the party to a defeat.

  22. She is Indian in a sense. Not only is she 100% culturally Indianized, she has Indian citizenship as well. There is no requirement that PM of India must be born in India or be a “natural born citizen” as it’s called in the US.

  23. If you talk to the average non-Congress supporter, she is a Italian woman who came her because of her husband.

  24. I am surprised there are that many. So what type of schools do they send their kids to?

  25. I am Indian American. Go figure.

  26. Brahmin Enclave sounds like a dope concept. Cleansing the wasteland of mutants and dalits alike

  27. The only Indian character is Aradesh so I guess I’ll kill him and Shady Sands in Fallout 1 next time I play that.

  28. Have you seen your grandparents in India argue passionately for a party led by someone who presumably murdered and presumably helped defend rapists before?

  29. Piracy is older than netflix. As long as their is the internet, their will be piracy (as we know it)

  30. There will be piracy as long as the internet is (relatively) free and as long as there are regions in the world where programs/entertainment would be a huge expense for the average person.

  31. People in my area love football so that’s why they have cable because it comes in faster or some bull. I’m sure they could subscribe to ESPN+ for a tenth of the price.

  32. My grandad watches Indian news all the time so based on what I've heard from him Andhra politics is dynesty vs dynesty while Telagana politics is man who helped create Telagana vs. national party which tried to use the creation for its own advantage vs. big northern party looking to expand south vs. muslim interest party vs. andhra dynesty party which has a telagana wing because it is telugu vs. indian communist party varients vs. another andhra dynesty party where the father is less popular in telagana so they won't do well

  33. I did that on my current playthrough but I still managed to get the power armor. Despite never interacting with him preston just randomly showed up in diamond city. He uttered a couple of voice line and walked out never to be seen again.

  34. lol what did he say? I’d like to imagine he desperately came to get you and then realized everyone is sick of him.

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